Godfather II: First details

Via CVG: The first details of EA's Godfather II have emerged, in the latest issue of Xbox World 360 magazine which hits news stands today.

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Superfragilistic3784d ago

I never played the first, but given the quality crop of titles coming out of EA at the moment (Bad Company, Burnout, Spore, Dragon Age, Mirrors Edge and Dead Space), I'm willing to give this a look.

The integration of RTS and RPG into a sandbox is very intriguing.

supahbad3784d ago

i really enjoyed the first on ps2, it was cool how they had you work to get cool guns, and you could raid the warehouses to take over a territory

InMyOpinion3784d ago

The first one was really good.

StephanieBBB3784d ago

I hope they make up the story beacause the Godfather 2 movie sucked donkey balls. But it was still better than Godfather 3, which is vomit indusing...

AllroundGamer3784d ago

i finished the first one on the Xbox, then also on the Xbox360 and finally on the PSP :) and i found it better than Mafia, so i will definitely grab the second one too.

RockersDelight3784d ago

@Superfragilistic The first title was a joke, with broken controls and abysmal graphics. Like you said though, there's plenty of quality games coming from EA at the moment, so I won't let my awful experience with the first game completely write this off.

Rock Bottom3784d ago

Why do crappy games get sequels.

KBDuB3784d ago

I rather enjoyed the first game, and apparently lots of other people did, too.

kosha3784d ago

There making a sequel because the first one sold well. They want our money!

Excalibur3784d ago

on the 360 and quite enjoyed it.
Being a fan of the Godfather probably didn't hurt but I think the game did a fantastic job of filling in the gaps of the movie.

As an example, one of the missions is you have to race across town to put the gun in the bathroom stall because Micheal's meeting location was changed.
Another was dealing with you and the horse head.

Great game, looking forward to the second.

supahbad3784d ago

yeah i hope for the second one they don't try to tread on the movie's story too much, keep it like the first where you are at arms distance and doing your own thing

supahbad3784d ago

this sounds really cool, i hope we will be able to go to all three cities, and i can see some awesome online play coming out of this

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