Electronic Theatre PAL Review: Monster Jam

Monster Jam has arrived on European Xbox360's with rather less than a bang. With very little press coverage thus far and the only retail interest coming in the form of what appears to be the beginning of the Current-Generations true budget-title line-up; in-fact, a "mild thump" could possibly be more appropriate. But with the Xbox360's ever-increasing – increasingly youthful – userbase, there could well be room for titles along the lines of Monster Jam.

The title never once fools itself. Knowing its own ambitions and presenting itself as an out-and-out Monster Truck game, Monster Jam has a key audience immediately available and disfavoured on the Xbox360. For those unaware of the celebrity status of Grave Digger and Monster Mutt, Monster Jam is tidy enough to...

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mgirl3729d ago

may hve been out for ages in the US, but we havrn't long had it in the UK! Aren't we lucky?! :P