Capcom Talk Resident 5 On PC

Forget that talk of Resident Evil 5 going to the Wii for a moment, and consider that other platform. The one that's a lot more likely to get a version of Resident Evil 5. Yeah, the PC. It's yet to be confirmed, but that doesn't stop Capcom's Christian Svensson from talking around it:

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The_Firestarter3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

Didn't Capcom just recently state that DMC4 on the PC has been pirated to hell and back? Honestly, why bother porting RE5 to PC? This game is better off on consoles anyway.

Don't y'all remember the RE4 port? There was no mouse support.
Is a PC port really worth the time and effort? I'm just saying...

JsonHenry3778d ago

Sweet! Resident Evil 5 running NATIVELY at 1680*1050 with more graphical options turned on than a console could even think about having?!


TheIneffableBob3778d ago

The RE4 port was done by Ubisoft.

Capcom's recent PC games, Lost Planet and DMC4, have been developed in-house with a good sized development team.

I'd reckon RE5 to makes its way to the PC eventually. Capcom Japan's opinion on the PC is that it's a growing platform and they see a lot of potential in it, which is why they put so much effort in their recent PC offerings.

The_Firestarter3778d ago

Yeah, I know RE4 was ported by Ubisoft. I've already tried the demo of DMC4 on my PC, but I'd prefer it on my PS3. I honestly wouldn't doubt that RE5 will be on PC, but it just doesn't make sense to me since they just recently said DMC4 was getting pirated so bad. Whatever.

Ehsan Gamer3778d ago

Capcam 's lead platform this year is PC . they port from PC to Consoles so this Clear that just Like GTA IV , RE5 will come for PC too !

Harry1903778d ago

RE 4 sucked on PC and Capcom has put in doubt its PC development division because of what happened to DMC4. With news about Ubi's Assassin's Creed coming out now,it's going to get even worse. Anyway,certain games are meant to be played on console and vice-versa.

tamd3778d ago

re5 will be on pc with better conrols

hano3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

To maximize their sales, the PC version should be simultaneously released with the console versions or soon after. Waiting usually kills the hype and the PC version could benifit from console hype.

Here's hoping the PC version is announced, I love Capcom and their games.