Metal Gear Solid 4 Thrown In For Free

Kotaku writes: "Previously, we brought word that Metal Gear Solid 4 appeared to be hitting the bargain bin - a mere month and a half after the game was released. (A shame, because it is a great game, even if it hasn't sold close to million copies in Japan!) Now it seems the Metal Gear Solid 4 40GB PS3 bundle's price is getting slashed at Akihabara retailer Gamers. (No clue about the gajillion other shops in Japan!) The price has been lowered from ¥49,800 (US$454) to ¥39,800 ($363) for a store sale - meaning that it's going for about what regular 40GB PS3s fetch without the game. That's right, Metal Gear Solid 4 for free.

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Chris Hansen3755d ago

OMG WTF? Is Kotaku serious? One retailer in all of Japan slashes the price of the PS3 MGS4 bundle, and they actually make an article about it?

Whats next? "Breaking News, MGS4 only ships 3.9 million copies within first month, EPIC FAIL!"

Hey Kotaku, how come you never write an article about how every retailer in Japan is overstocked with Xbox360's?

ThatCanadianGuy3755d ago

Because it's kotaku..there right up there with gamedaily with the BS articles.

sunnygrg3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

Any other website would have the headline written as "PS3 MGS4 bundle price slashed at certain Games retailer in Japan."

How come that none of Kotaku's articles mention the fact that despite being released one year earlier, not a single XBox 360 Game in Japan has ever beaten MGS4 sales to date?

zep3755d ago

lol 360 here is Japan is same price of psp but ps2 still beat it on sales

Lifendz3755d ago

the Japanese are biased against Western games and systems. The one time the West has a chance to sell them a system that's powerful, has a good catalog of games, and an online interface that's unparalleled is the time the system has hardware problems galore. Now I don't know if the Japanese are avoiding the 360 out of some bias against Western game companies or if it's just being a smart consumer and avoiding a system with hardware problems galore.

Tarasque3754d ago

Thats bad when you have to give MGS4 away in japan. I guess they are not as loyale to sony as the people on this site.

supahbad3754d ago

1.5-you didn't even read the first paragraph, they dicounted the bundle around $90.

this article is garbage, great game, even though it didn't sell over a million copies in Japan? and they start out saying they know nothing about the Japanese game market. i geuss thatts how they keep the fb's at their site

thewhoopimen3754d ago

What is kotaku suggesting? seriously? what about the dell deal yesterday for an xbox elite at $299? Is there some insinuated problem with Elite stocks? retarded.

IdleLeeSiuLung3754d ago

I think people are missing the point, it is not about the 360 vs. the PS3 in this case. It is about how a big game like MGS4 (bundle) in Japan is discounted a mere 1.5 months after release.

Why do people hear that the PS3 is in negative light today so I must compare that to the 360.... Ever consider that the author is just pointing out facts?

I must admit that the headline isn't the most representative though.

theKiller3754d ago

all articles coming from kotaku in n4g!!!!

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shadowghost7523755d ago

Is this really news worthy?

ruibing3754d ago

No, but they are just trying to get more visitors to their website. I've gotten tired of their cynical and sarcastic articles a long time ago.

TOSgamer3755d ago

Hopefully they sell some units.

Silogon3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

So now a game is a failure if it doesn't hit a million in Japan, huh? Hey, Kotaku how about those Halo 3 and Gears of War numbers in Japan. Even if they haven't come close to a million, they're still good games right?

Oh, look who posted the story over there, resident ASS RASH Bashcroft. He's a jerkspurt and a poon dart. That guy needs to be kicked in the balls a couple of times cause out of everyone there he's probably the worst.

He's the type of guy who orders chinese food on dates and cries after sex.

Tarasque3754d ago

Well basically it failed in japan, us, well basically everywhere but europe.

LastDance3755d ago

this has got to be a joke??? right?.....

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