Sega: Sonic Criticism Warranted

GameDaily writes: "Most would agree that Sega's beloved Sonic franchise has seen better days. Year after year Sega has pumped out 3D Sonic titles with wonky, vomit inducing camera angles, relatively unchanged gameplay and a cast of supporting characters that very few gamers care about. The publisher is fully aware of the current state of the Sonic franchise, and Sega has admitted to GameDaily BIZ that criticism of the series of late is understandable."

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pwnsause3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

Gamedaily=SPAM. you guys approving this should realize it by now. They have no Journalistic integrity. they said LBP is going to suck without even playing it, while the other gaming sites who have gotten their hands on it, stated that its either going to be a good game, a revolutionary game, or amazing game.

These are the same guys that gave MGS4 an 8 our of 10 because glass bottles dont look realistic in the game.

Lets make N$G a better place by not having S**t like this on this website, it ruins N4G's credibility in every way and fashion.