5 Launch Trailers that had us Hyped

Most launch trailers do little more than alert us to the name of an upcoming title and if we’re lucky show us enough gameplay footage for us to tell what genre the game actually will be. A rare few launch trailers, however, manage to fill us with excitement and a burning desire for the game. Essentially, we don’t just know the game is coming out after it, we know we’ll play that game. Here is a list of five of the best launch trailers that really got us salivating.

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Maple22886d ago

Great choice of trailers. I got really excited about Dying Light from its launch trailer alone. The Assassin's Creed trailers always build up a lot of hype as well, and thing I like most about them is that they don't give away too much of the story!

Yukes886d ago

Don't fall for the Assassin's Creed hype! The trailers are always slick but you cannot be sure anymore if the game will actually work on release!

Maple22886d ago

Yeah, for sure! The old ones were worth the wait though.

c00lvilKid69886d ago

I remember the first ever trailer for Assassin's Creed, so much hype. And then there was Killzone2, another great trailer. Both games were pretty disappointing. The Gears of War launch trailer was great, even if I didn't play it.

joedom886d ago

The Gears of War trailer was a good shout. Also, you've just reminded me of how much I loved the build up to Dead Space 2, with the whole "Your mom is going to hate it" campaign.

alexgibson886d ago

Great read thanks.. this made me think way back to FF7. I remember when that trailer aired on TV everyone was so excited. It was the first time a game like that had been marketed as just this epic adventure..

GamerGabs886d ago

It's pretty difficult to get a game trailer right. One of my biggest frustrations with this years E3 was that most of the trailers showed no gameplay, making it hard for gamers to decide whether or not it's their type of game. The best trailers manage to create good hype through the clever combination of graphics, story and gameplay.

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