8 Simple Ways to Improve Xbox Live

Being included among the 12 million Xbox Live members and counting, we can attest to the frustrations that come with Xbox Live every so often. With that said, let's jump right into a few areas where Microsoft should focus their time on improving. Here are eight steps to help elevate Xbox Live to a place that either Sony or Nintendo will find it hard to reach.

2. Internet Browser: This is another 'gimme' as Sony and Nintendo already offer the ability for their gamers to search the internet via a browser on the television.

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Viktor E3759d ago

It is sad Microsoft do not have the Software Engineers nor talented workforce to improve their Lackluster offering

UltimaEnder3758d ago

That's not the case at all, Xbox Live is already a VERY successful system but I would imagine that everyone agrees there are improvements that could be made.....

Maddens Raiders3759d ago

that picture just kinda sucks ya in.

What'd the article say? 8D

socomnick3758d ago

The article says you should get xbox live Madden :)

UnDone143758d ago

All you really need is 2 simple ways....

1. Make it free
2. Use dedicated servers

JOLLY13758d ago

Dedicated servers for all games? Sony mainly only has dedicated servers for first party games. Most of the rest are p2p. Microsoft is the exact same way. That's weird that you would bring that up.

neonchez3758d ago

live should start using dedicated servers and crack down on all the racism and hate speech, i never hear that sort thing on PSN.

UltimaEnder3758d ago

Both of those points are very valid, need to add them into this article.......dedicated servers and cussing children.....

okcomputer3758d ago

Dedicated servers would be a huge plus, especially for gow2 to get rid of all the host advantages from the first one. You can't really do much about the hate speech stuff, when I encounter it on live i just leave, and occasionally report the person if its really bad and incessant. And I think the only reason you don't hear as much hate speech on psn is because not as many people have mics. Anonymity will always bring out the a hole in some people, and we live in a racist society. Thats just how people are.

SuicideNinja3758d ago

That's because hardly anybody talks at all on PSN. Besides, you can just utilize the MUTE button. Regardless of whether you hear it or not, they think and act that way regardless. You can hear idiots walking through the park or in the store. It's no different, other than you can't turn them off.

Agreed at least that the browser isn't important. I tried the browser on my Wii and PS3 a couple of times, and it's just not worth it. It performs poorly and the interface isn't up to snuff (even with a keyboard). We have computers for that.

Sayai jin3758d ago

Use the nute button it works wonders for those idiots. I notice that you do not hear it as much in the PS too, but nit that any people own head sets on it either. Nah, I do not want dedicated servers.

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FantasyStar3758d ago

do people actually take that seriously? I can understand gaming with the developers of a game but celebrities? That' I can't think of a word that's lamer than "lame".

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