Ubisoft sues over Assassin's Creed leak

GameSpot writes:

"Publisher believes disc replication firm responsible for 700,000 pirated pre-release downloads of its PC action game.

Ubisoft's hit action game Assassin's Creed was released on the PC in April, but in appropriately Altair-like fashion, a pirated version of the game sneaked onto the Internet two months earlier. Obviously unhappy with the leak, the publisher has decided to take the matter to court and make someone pay."

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rroded3758d ago

hmm cant blame ubi on this one still blaming all those poor reviews on this is bs

M337ING3758d ago

ITs ******* like these who hurt PC gaming.


Rob0g0rilla3758d ago

"Ubisoft is suing OEM for copyright infringement, breach of contract, negligence."

dro3758d ago

well any devs should no by now if ur bringing a game out on pc u should get ready for piracy,the internet has involved from what it used to be back in the u can watch block buster movies like 3 months before it comes in the cinema out on tell u the truth i dont see how sueing them will affect them because there are millions of others that pirate cd's and put it on the internet.the sells for pc gameing will never be accurate because of free downloads and devs will obviously lose money,if u dont want ur game downloaded for free dont relase it on the pc until hackers/priacy is complety gone.

ia_studio3758d ago

you're living in a dream world, piracy will never dissapear it will evolve as the parasites evolve... fast.

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