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RSX3755d ago

For this game, Bbl Up

UnSelf3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

Cant believe i didnt pick this up when i had a 360. Well im always up for a better port. O man and i still gotta get uncharted

BigBaehr3755d ago

You have to get Uncharted. Only four more trophies for me on it 'til the 'Plat' B!TCHES!!!

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supergamer3755d ago

this game is amazing, one of the best games i have played!

3754d ago
vickers5003755d ago

Even though I have this for the 360, I love this game just enough to buy it again for the ps3 (my preferred console) and I'm gonna try to get all the trophies for this.

Blood_Spiller3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

I'll go against the flow, risk my bubbles and state my truthful opinion on this game (PC version).

Bioshock felt like a watered down System Shock 2 (no pun intended). Most of the features this game calls "innovative" were included in that game but were done better in my opinion. Yes I know Bioshock is the spiritual successor to System Shock 2 but something in the game just didn't feel right, I don't know if it was the setting or the gameplay but it just felt off. Give me a real successor to System Shock 2 with some real innovations and then I'll stand up and take notice, until then I'll just continue happily playing my game that was released in 1999.

poopsack3755d ago

i looked at some videos weeks ago of system shock and bioshock (which i havent played) and i think it may be because they made it as the spiritual successor, like you said, but to appeal to todays gamers more, such as the fps audience. maybe they put less puzzles and more shooting who knows.

cmrbe3755d ago

and that is fine. I added a bubble just in case.

Overr8ed3755d ago

bubble up for stating opinion. =)

CViper3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )


mistertwoturbo3755d ago

I gave a bubble to all of you for treating this place like a real Gamer Zone.

A good step in the right direction by respecting each other's opinions


SL1M DADDY3754d ago

I share your opinion to an extent. While I loved System Shock 2, I still enjoyed Bioshock more. I love graphics and just prior to the release of Bioshock, I went back and played System Shock 2 and was ready for some updates in visuals. I was happy to see the game play in Bioshock as it felt somewhat natural but to have the updated graphics made me an even happy camper. If you can have the best of both worlds, then take it and I found that in Bioshock.

That being said, if they recreated a System Shock 2 with the same graphics as Bioshock, System Shock 2 would win hands down. ;-)

Bubbles to all of you.

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ASTAROTH3755d ago

This game is incredible awesome. The best game on the 360. I bougth it at launch and played it to death. Even without the multiplayer the game is amazing. A work of art. Time to make choises PS3 players...kill the little sisters or help them...its your choice, buy this game or let the posibility of BIOSHOK 2 on PS3 die...BUY IT!!!!

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