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Game Revolution: "I miss cheat code devices. Codebreaker, Game Shark (or what it used to be at least), Action Replay - none of these are yet available for any next-gen consoles, excluding the handhelds. These devices manipulate the values for any variables in the game, allowing you to play with infinite health, unlimited ammo, and virtually any cheat you can think of. Only a small percentage of people use them (or even know that such a product exists), but nonetheless, it's a group of people that's being left at the wayside by the wave of next-gen."

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pwnsause3758d ago

??? the reason why we dont see these anymore is because people could cheat thru acheivements, and im pretty sure that your online account (PSN/XBL) could ban you from playing online games, heck it could even not allow your system to play any games anymore

PoSTedUP3758d ago

n64 gameshark
ps1 gameshark
ps2 gameshark

i use to love gamesharks when i was a kid!!!

maggotmx3758d ago

hell yeah man me too nothing like blastin zombies with infinite ammo in Resident Evil =D

UnSelf3758d ago

there was nothin like literally flyin in Tomb Raider 2 and leaping to space on a bicycle in GTA:SA

PoSTedUP3758d ago

i liked climbing walls in tombraider (spider laura)

turok and golden eye had some awesome cheats too.

infinite credits in Gran Turismo 1&2

sumfood4u3758d ago

Its hella fun an i miss it as well! Anyways I never use Codes on online games i use them on offline games an theres nothing wrong with that! I don't care how many people say why use a codebreaker its cheating, they have no right to judge you unless they actually brought it for you, which I doubt! also i use codebreaker codes to increase the A.I hardness mode, which increases my skills of survival as well. Most people think wow gameshark, infinity health, ammo, easy game. but they don't truly understand the value of game shark usere like us! So all i''m saying is it was totally awesome to make the game harder an see thing you normaly would see! Stop beefing on Creativness Gameshark provides!

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TheColbertinator3758d ago

Infinite bombs in Starfox 64 was awesome

Tetsuryu3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

Sharking Pokemon (GB, GBC, GBA) so you didn't have pony up more bucks over to Nintendo for exclusive species (Trade-only, Rares, Special Events, Starters, etc.) was one of my former uses.

Farsendor13758d ago

oh yeah after beating the game would love to go back use cheats with the gameshark to see how fast i could beat it again. i loved the gameshark i would buy one for ps3

Rob0g0rilla3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

I remember using gameshark for gameboy to get all the pokemon. I haven't used a cheat in awhile.

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The story is too old to be commented.