A Closer Look @ New (Kingdom Hearts: BBS/358/2 Days/Coded) Scans

KH Insider writes: "Finally images from the trailers for the three new Kingdom Hearts games that were played at DKS3713 have been released in Famitsu and Dengeki magazine! A first look at Aqua! The third hero of Birth by Sleep has officially been presented to the public.

Since the scans are too low quality to translate, I've edited the important screens and put them in context so you can better understand whats going on. Click the images to see larger versions!"

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iamtehpwn3722d ago

I'll give it a few months, but rule 34 is indeed a principle of physics.

Xandet3722d ago

..and a product of severely undersexed teenagers/Japanese men.

Xandet3722d ago

I guess you could say we all are.. but whether fan-drawn hentai dōjinshi floats your boat or not is a "diff'rnt strokes for diff'rnt folks" issue. ^o^