AusGamers Previews Prince of Persia

AusGamers has a pretty descriptive preview up for the new Prince of Persia, talking about the unique art-style, level design and combat system.

From the preview:
"Level design is another area touted as instrumental in the game's change-ups. Unfortunately none of what we saw of the game truly illustrated Ubi's new vision, but we're told the game will offer both open-world play and constructed, linear paths replete with action and narrative scripting. Essentially you'll come to a series of open-plan hub-type areas where you can make more than a single decision for progression. Moving ahead with your chosen direction then brings the action and headway down to its linear point. Apparently the overall goal will be to avoid handing out too much freedom to gamers who don't know how to utilise it, and to keep the game's narrative flow and progressive action on a clear-cut course."

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