Traveler's Tales Working on More LEGO Games

Jon Burton, president of Traveler's Tales -- the studio behind the LEGO Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Batman games -- revealed this week that the developer is working on more LEGO-style games.

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Silogon3782d ago

All I can ask is why? Fun diversions but why not make them PSN and XBL downloads? These are not disc absed games and a lot of companies need to realise this, not just Travelers.

Too often I see games that are disc based and at full price when they should be downloads and 20 bucks at most.

Monster MAdness would've been an instant buy if it was a downloadable game and 20 bucks. Now, not so much.

Lego games, if they were downloadable I'd buy them and at 20 bucks.

Sports games, downloadable with 6 month updates.

I can go on but some games just are not big enough to be on disc anymore and although Indiana jones is selling incredibly well, I don't understand it.

Jinxstar3782d ago

Well they aren't the full 60 bucks. They have been 50$ consistently... Also have you played them? They are pretty full with tons of replay.The starwars games ended without any backtracking(There is a lot of backtracking) or seeing extra levels or anything at around 13 hours when playing Co-op with my GF... Not to say your wrong but I feel they are worthy games to be on discs. There is quite a bit too them and I enjoy them... Kinda an old school flare I miss. May not be your fortay but i would say rent them if you haven't played them for sure...

ry-guy3782d ago

I, personally, love the Lego games.

Lego X-Men? That'd be an awesome throw back to something like the classic X-Men game on the Genesis where it was just plain FUN to romp around as an X-Man.

Wii60Fan3782d ago

Lego's Sex and the City edition?

kingme713782d ago

Lego LOTR, Lego LOTR, Lego LOTR, Lego LOTR, Lego LOTR, Lego LOTR, Lego LOTR, Lego LOTR, Lego LOTR, Lego LOTR, Lego LOTR

Did I mention LOTR?

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