Microsoft: 'No question' downloads will overtake retail

Microsoft says there is 'no question' that the sale of downloaded games will overtake the sales of games at retail in the coming years.

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AStupidXbot3778d ago

It will, but I dont think it will overtake it untill atleast another decade.

IzKyD13313778d ago

probably when everything is obtainable by digital distribution, and harddrive sizes get to like 500 GB in gaming consoles

sonarus3778d ago

I don't know if it will be a decade but assuming next gen games will be taking like 50GB i need to have at least a 1TB hard drive that can easily be swapped out and super high speed internet to download my games

NO_PUDding3778d ago

It will.

But much slower than Microsoft wants. Not even 80% with an Xbox 360 is online, so it's not viable yet.

People will still want long experiences, and not just an arcade game resurgence. And to me, it seems only Sony is actually doing proper titles for download. Where are Microsofts Episodic games and proper games. GT5P, Siren, Warhawk, Quest For Booty... What does Microsoft have. It's a genuine question, becuase I might have forgotten something.

You can talk the talk, but you gotta be walking the walk first.

IzKyD13313778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

one major flaw in digital distribution is the download times, when everyone has a fast enough connection where a 2 hour movie can be downloaded in like 10 minutes is probably when it'll start sounding more attractive to less techy people

Spread Butt Cheeks3778d ago

What do you mean not 80% is online?

19+ million people with 11 million on live? its getting very close to possible

Lifendz3778d ago

at least not anytime soon. Are retailers going to react well when they're cut out of their take? That's assuming MS and Sony don't kick something back to them.

Not sure if this is something I even want. I like having the option to pick a game up used. Or maybe let a bud borrow a game. And the time involved with downloading a game (and installing it on PS3) is going to be insane.

I hope they follow the Warhawk model and have games on both PSN and in the stores.

SixTwoTwo3778d ago

Yeah it will definitely be awhile before it happens but at the same time there will always be a market for physical media whether its games, movies, or music.

DaKid3778d ago

I think it will, but not nearly as quick as i believe Microsoft is thinking. First we need way faster internet connections, and they have to be to everyone or atleast a great majority of poeple. before it has a chance to "over take" retail sales.

Off topic- who all has played Braid? That game is AMAZING!!!

IzKyD13313778d ago

well, now that i think about it, it doesnt seem completely off the radar, think about music?
do you buy your music CD wise, or do you download it off limewire, itunes etc.?
illegal way or not, your still getting your music digitally....but again, music takes like 200 MB while games and movies take space in the GBs

The Lazy One3778d ago

If you get a physical copy it will probably stay $60, but would you download a game if the cost of distribution was cut dramatically so the end price to you was only $40?

I'd probably download all my games so long as I could redownload them if I could save $20 every time.

Real Gambler3778d ago

Instead of paying $40 for a download, I would rather pay $60 for the physical game. Play for it as much as I want. Be able to lend it to my friend if he want to try it. Bring it with me if I want to play to another friend place. And then, when I get bored with it, sell it for $20. End result, I will have paid the same price you did for your download. But even better, I may even be able to trade it with a friend, at the end for a totally different game. (We do that a lot in my friend circle).

You should not believe that Microsoft marketing guys are genious. Sure download is coming, but not that soon. If it would, they would have put a hard drive in all their consoles...

The Lazy One3777d ago

It's just a good alternative. We're going to have physical copies of games for a long time (decades at least). That doesn't mean downloaded games won't overtake them as the most popular way to purchase.

People look at DD and consider it to be a replacement for the physical version. It's just an alternative, and a very good alternative for a lot of people.

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Silogon3778d ago

Maybe someday, I can see myself loving the idea even right now, but lets face it too many people are without stable connections, connections at all, and more often than not people with less incom tend to not throw away their money on digital media they cannot obtain hard prints for.

The wealth of the world isn't rich by any grand number. More people are poor than they are rich. More people have less money than they do more money and while a lot of people think the rich are fueling the industry, they're not.

The people with money have more to do in life than play video games. the people without money are what keep rental places open and the video game industry alive. Why you ask? Cause they don't have the money to travel and do lavish things like the above can do.

This is just my thoughts on the situation but things will have to change a bit more before we can acheive this goal.

Keep in mind I love it and will support it fully when the day comes, but I am in the minority. I have warhawk, Siren and over 30 PSN games sitting on my hdd to prove this fact too.

Montrealien3778d ago

I guess we will see in the coming years. No question about it though, digital distribution will be a force to be reckoned with.

thebudgetgamer3778d ago

if hd-DVD would've won would this article exist?

Le-mo3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

No thank you, I want a hard copy of the games I own. Having a Digital copy is too much hassle, you would have to download the game, a possibility the harddrive might fail, or you would have to transfer all the games from the harddrive to another harddrive when it becomes full which could take a long time considering the games capacity.

morganfell3778d ago

Yes, go total digital and shoot yourself in the foot.

I agree it's somewhere in the future but not this gen nor the next.

And talk about crying. If you think publishers cry about not selling games now, wait until someone is dumb enough to try digital only. I don't mean for 1 title on PSN or Live.

You see, this is what MS misses. The minute you try and nail gamers for digital distro on every purchase, the kind of purchase a gamer can't trade, watch sales drop like a rock. Because gamers will buy far far fewer games if they know they can't trade them.

A digital only game world with no way to trade will put sales through the floor.

beoulve3778d ago

MS doesn't even have a full-blown game on XBOX Live. All small little arcade games. Yeah Downloads will overtake retail alright, but you are damn far behind.

IzKyD13313778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

i cant believe MS are saying this when they dont even have full retail games on Live like sony does

Spread Butt Cheeks3778d ago

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Kleptic3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

dude shut up...'droids' even have your best interests in mind...I know you are obviously a retarded 360 fanatic...but even an idiot like you wouldn't want to pay $500 for a garbage proprietary 300mb 360 HDD and put up with the absolute trash DRM MS has imposed on least I would hope you wouldn't...

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Spread Butt Cheeks3778d ago


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beoulve3778d ago

is that the best that stupid bot can do. try harder sour loser

juuken3778d ago

They're idiots.
Nuff said.

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