IGN: Metal Slug 7 Hands-On

When it comes to classic arcade goodness, Metal Slug reigns supreme. With some of the most brutal gameplay and slickest 2D animation out there, the series has seen six "core" titles, and then a whole slew of variations, portable spin-offs, and compilations. With Metal Slug 7, SNK has delivered a seven-mission arcade experience on Nintendo's portable, and is trying to keep things classically simple, but still strong enough to be worth your cash.

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Alexander Roy3721d ago

I played it already and can say that it's pretty good. Maybe not the best Metal Slug, but not the worst in the series in my book either. The second screen however is completely redundant. It's basically just a map of the level showing the hostages that you freed.
Here is hope they release an arcade version as well, but alas, I think a DS game will be far more lucrative, especially today.