Ars Technica: 20th and long: hands on with the Madden 09 demo

Ars technica writes: "Like any good football fan, I'm really looking forward to the 20th Anniversary of Madden coming out in a little less than a week. Although I have been disappointed year after year by the franchise-amazing considering I've been playing Madden since the early 90s-I continue to be naively optimistic. This year's iteration promises to bring new, innovative features in the Virtual Training Center, the BackTrack system that is supposed to help you learn from your in-game mistakes, and the Adaptive Difficulty Engine.

I gave the 1.1GB Xbox 360 demo a shot; PS3 owners can also get in on the action now as well. The demo starts you off with an assessment of your skills by using the Virtual Training Center. This time is used to determine your Madden IQ, something I had hoped would be more than the tangible game skills, but I was disappointed."

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