New Resident Evil 5 Video

New gameplay video has just surfaced for New Resident Evil 5.

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AStupidXbot3755d ago

I'm A Stupid Xbot, I cant play the past RE games on my fixme dvd layer, so I can't understand the whole RE story. Another reason why I'm A Stupid Xbot, If I try playing RE5 on my fixme dvd player, it might RROD while I play this title.

The Almighty PS3rd3755d ago

LMFAO Shut up Nasim. You stupid Arab.

XboX 360 has DESTROYED PS3rd this generation and you're about to have a nervous breakdown because of it.

Get over it last place PS3rder. Your console sucks.

AStupidXbot3755d ago

"Your console sucks", You do know I'm talking about the 360 right?

The Almighty PS3rd3755d ago

Nasim come back to reality. Everything about the XBox 360 is better than the PS3rd. Everything.

STFU and go dirka dirka.

Egzekutor3755d ago

Everything about the XBOX 360 is better than PS3 ??
Are you soo fuking sure about that, that you dont even say what is better.. You know why you dont list the things that are better, because there is nothing better about 360 that PS3 doesnt have.

Im not going to argue much about you dumb lil head, but Im going to say this ...
Killzone 2 (2009)
M.A.G 256 online player (2009, how could i fuking forget this)
Heavy Rain 3 (2009)
8 Days (2009) (Back in production again)
The Getaway 3 (2009) (Back in production again)
God of War 3 (2009)
Resistance 2, Little Big Planet, SOCOM, MGS4, Siren , Ferrari Challange , MotorStorm 2 , InFamous ,

This list speaks for itself.. And where is your motherfuking XBoT exclusive library ???

PS3 is a much more powerful hardware, its been said by numerous developers. Face it xP.ussies.

3755d ago
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Marcello3755d ago

Whoa check out that barrel explosion, very sweet indeed but the gun sounds are weak thou :/

fufotrufo3755d ago

bububub gatawayyy!! bubububu 8 dayss!! bububub18923 players MAG!! Bbububu wardevil!!! bubububu

go to sleep really

Auron3754d ago

I cant wait to play this game co-op! but we'll probably fight over who's Chris though..

big shadow3754d ago

I want to see another level.