5 Things Gamers Do When Not Playing Games

Gamers are busy. When not dedicated to an all-night WoW raid or teabagging n00bs in Halo 3, they have precious little time to spend on mundane activities such as skydiving, going to parties, and having sex. Even so, gamers do have lives outside of video games, which is where this article comes in. GotGame has painstakingly pretended to research the subject matter and composed a cockamamie list of activities that completely accounts for what gamers do when they aren't glued to a game.

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OriginalWangster3752d ago

The list could be extended longer... ill add them on the actual site.

Sixark3752d ago

o_O hopefully not all gamers are like this . . .

mfwahwah3752d ago

I speak for myself when I say that only #1 and #3 apply to me. And even then it's not all I do lol.

enjoi1873752d ago

lol i like the little kitty with the ak ... I WANT ONE

enjoi1873752d ago

ooo snap hes right # 1 is right......DONT POST HERE

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The story is too old to be commented.