New: Pokemon Platinum Gameplay!

Some brand new gameplay of the next Pokemon game called Pokemon Platinum.

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soccerstar3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

OMG!!!!!!!!!! My favorite games of all time!!!!!
Seriously though, who still plays these games??

geda3757d ago

generally people who have good taste in games

Panthers3757d ago

lol if you like playing the same game for the past 10 years or whatever.

Alexander Roy3757d ago

I go out on a limb here and say: People who like Pokemon. If you take away all that merchandise stuff and the likes and judge the games as just games and not part of a huge cultural phenomenon, they are pretty solid.
My only gripes with the franchise is that Nintendo/Game Freak is running out of ideas/names for new Pokemon and still keeps pushing the number. IMHO, they should have stopped after 251 or just add like 10 or so new ones. But that's just me.

zethos563757d ago

only about 17 million people

Kami3757d ago

so?? what are u gonna do?
i grew with these f-frs and i will probably die playing them, when the collection comes to a 1000 pokemon.

TruthbeTold3757d ago

But seriously speaking, I agree with whoever said that they need to stop making more monsters and just focus on continuing to add to and refine the game play. In fact, while I play and will continue to play the hell out of Pokemon Diamond, I doubt that I will buy another Pokemon game until it's an MMORPG. Training and battling never gets old for me since the strategies and styles that you face out there are countless, but as usual, it's beyond time for Nintendo to take the next step. Sadly, they seem to be going in the opposite direction with the "Mystery Dungeon" style of game, which absolutely does not interest me. :/

himdeel3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

...a Pokemon game with Naruto Ninja Storm graphics on PS360 I'd consider renting it. The only Pokemon game I ever purchased was on the original Gameboy one, I think they were called red and blue. Anyway Pokemon is a simple turn based game that could be fun on a long road trip or plan ride.

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name3757d ago

I'd still play the games if I had a DS. They're really good games.

poopsack3757d ago

omg a pokemon game for a handheld, and I thought there wouldnt be one this month!

adnanrules3757d ago

cant wiat this game is gonna rock Pokemon is awesome

Alexander Roy3757d ago

Ahh, I recognize that. Feels good, man. Bubble for you.

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