Overwatch for Consoles Officially Confirmed?

SegmentNext - So far, Blizzard Entertainment has promoted Overwatch as a PC only title, but that doesn’t mean they have nothing else planned for the game.

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ZaWarudo1151d ago

Oh my god yes. Blizzard, please please please please.

XBLSkull1150d ago

It'll be on consoles. The have now tasted the console market and it has been very good to them. From here on out anything they can do on consoles will be on consoles. For years I said Diablo could be done on consoles only for PC elitists to tell me it wasn't possible. Here we are today with Diablo on consoles, and quite frankly the better version of the game.

TheGreatGamer1150d ago

Microsoft is partnering up with Blizzard for Blizzcon so console ver seems likely, imagine XB1 & Win10 vers will have cross play

MasterCornholio1150d ago

Or cross play between PC, PS4 and XB1.


Not that i would think it would happen but it would be incredible if it did.

TheGreatGamer1150d ago

That would be the ideal scenario in gaming but unfortunately the big companies don't see it that way

FlexLuger1150d ago

"imagine XB1 & Win10 vers will have cross play"

This +1

Neixus1150d ago

Why would anyone want cross-play in a fps game between PC and consoles? Mouse and keyboard players will slaughter everyone on the console.

BG115791150d ago

@Nexus Because, hum, probably you can also use a mouse and a Keyboard in the late consoles...

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MoveQuick1150d ago

Unfortunately the console gamers wouldn't stand a chance which would lead to it being no fun for them.

Muadiib1150d ago

There is a way of playing Halo on X1 with a m&k, there will most likely be an official way at some point too.

FlexLuger1150d ago

Well...I play firefall and hawken with a controller and I positively smoke KB/M players alot of the time. Im a top 3 finisher most of the time, if not 1st place on hawken.

I would smoke you PC guys with my Xbox buddies. Matter of [email protected] and @Sinn...if this game supports cross play...*does the hero point* Im coming for YOU first! * flex glasses doing that cool anime reflective effect*

Very well then PC video game warriors...come have your resolution. We console gamers will crush you then absorb your skill. We are tired of your superiority complex on FPS games...'Tis the time you are are contested on this, and then dominated. You WILL yield to us.....

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