What it Takes to Be a Video Game Journalist

As a gaming journalist, it is not uncommon – when the question is asked "what do you do for a living?" and you answer with the obligatory "I write about video games, I play them and write about them" – to receive stares of disbelief, quickly followed by the "how can I do a job like that?"

While GameZone does interviews with the people who make games, they thought it might be interesting to do an interview with one of their own, get his take on the profession, what he sees, how he got into it and what it takes, in his opinion, to be a game journalist.

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Bangadoshish3756d ago

Chris Buffa from Gamedaily(The coward that reviewed MGS4,the coward that said Little Big Planet will suck),clearly has no Professional training of any sort to be called a Journalist,yet there he is writing Articles