Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator adds Dizzy

Dizzy will be the next character to join Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator.

The innocent and pacifistic Commander Gear character won 32,990 votes in the Guilty Gear Next Participating Character poll. The results were published today. A total of 177,681 votes were cast.

The full results are as follows:
Dizzy – 32,990
Bridget – 32,639
Baiken – 31,281
Order-Sol – 28,977
Anji Mito – 13,758

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ZaWarudo950d ago

Niiiiice. Now i need Robo Ky, Testament, Order Sol, A.B.A, and Justice.

Brazz949d ago

we need justice whit new gameplay! justice desing rocks and justice history is alson nice, i realy would love justice as playable character.

Zero109949d ago

Truthfully I'd like every character to return but I know how much woe/cost just one of them is. I wonder


Are Dizzy and Ky still together or what not since Sin is in the game?

d3nworth1949d ago

Well yea they are together. Ky had her in so kind of suspended animation to prevent her from fading away. She's in the game already just not playable. Johnny and Justice are in there too.They're in the story mode which is basically a 6 hour cut-scene using all the in-game model. I personally think they should have been playable from the get go. Maybe not so much justice cuz for some reason she's like 50ft tall in the story.

Baka-akaB949d ago (Edited 949d ago )

To be fair and exact the models and animations from the cutscenes arent the same than the ones from the fights . But they share the same aesthetics . Which is why Johnny , dizzy ect were far from be complete for any kind of playable form despite their presence in the story mode

Deathdeliverer949d ago

Damn. Better luck next time Baiken. I got my Jam back so it's all good.