Nintendo NX Dev Kit Discussion & Predictions

A report on the WallStreetJournal is stating the Nintendo is starting to ship out dev kits for their upcoming Nintendo NX that will feature current industry chips to compete with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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DougLord791d ago

I'm hoping the original rumors are still true of 4.6tflop GPU. Just don't skimp on CPU! Problem is AMD has no good CPUs. They bottleneck cards so bad, even AMD used Intel in Project Quantum. Also don't skimp on ram like WiiU. Go for 16gb GDDR5X.

stragomccloud791d ago

That kind of ram bottlenecks the CPU. GDDR5 has great bandwidth, but bad latency. They should use DDR4 or HBM.

Takwin791d ago

Something like a custom 780ti with a custom i5 level CPU.

16 GB shared RAM.

Plus unified purchases for eShop, and recognizes all previous digital purchases on 3DS and Wii U.

Since it will be powerful, there is no reason it can't be backwards compatible with Wii and Wii U, which would make the transition easy.

$399 launch before Black Friday 2017.

Nintendo will have sequels in the first 18 months of launch:

3D Mario
2D Mario
Mario Kart
Captain Toad
Hyrule Warriors

Later in the cycle:
Smash Bros
Another Mario
many more new IP

deathtok791d ago

That's a tall order! Can we add another Maker game too please?

Donkey Kong Maker!

SouljAx360791d ago

If they could fit in a desktop like GPU, I think getting a GTX 970 into a console would be awesome. Very powerful card but extremely good power consumption and heat. I mean I know it's possible, they stuck a GTX 980 into a laptop.

wonderfulmonkeyman790d ago

I think people are forgetting just how long it takes Nintendo to make games like Smash Bros.

They do a LOT of quality checking before the release of big titles like that; 18 months for all of those games at once is a bit unrealistic, especially if Nintendo wants to make sure people aren't over-saturated on them.

filchron790d ago

If Nintendo really wants to go for broke and bring back its status as the kings of fun and pioneers of 3D game presentation they need to go all out with the proposed first gen NX Mario title. Im thinking a hyper immersive 3D darker mood higher coolness Mario64 style title that really pushes people's expectations of what 3D console gaming is. Imagine a Mario NX reveal where they completely change the game, again. http://www.hanging-waters.c... http://www.superluigibros.c...
If Nintendo can do this I will buy an NX for 400-500$. Couldnt care less about the mobile attachment thingy.