Geek Reviews: Final Fantasy Fables Chocobo's Dungeon

Kenneth England writes:

Oh, what to say about Chocobo's Dungeon?

Well, it has a magic baby that allows the starring bird to enter dungeons located in people's minds. You definitely cannot say that about many games. It also stars Cid, who is to Final Fantasy what Tim Meadows was to Saturday Night Live, in that he's got more title appearances in the series than any other character I can think of, unless you count Mogs as a whole… which I don't.

Anyway, Cid is back and he owns a chocobo named Chocobo. Which is kind of like a cat that is named Cat. It isn't really that original or creative, and makes you wonder what is wrong with the owner. Cid is searching for something to build his first airship, I think. There was also something about a town where people forget things, and the baby and the bird team up to reclaim the towns people's memories. It's like Groundhog Day, except not funny. Despite my best efforts I was so bored by this game it was hard to pay enough attention to piece this overly-juvenile, puerile story together.

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