Metal Gear Solid 5: Dataminers Find 8 Missing Missions In The Game

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is one of the year's best games but it's a well known fact that the game has missing content.

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-Foxtrot951d ago (Edited 951d ago )

Good grief, it gets worse and worse

I really hope this doesn't win Game of the Year, it would totally send out the wrong message.

If this wasn't MGS or had Kojima involved this would be a much bigger thing.

For me it's went from a repetitive as hell game to a repetitive game which now lacks content.

Kojima should of just left it at MGS4, the true end of the series in my opinion.

Bahamut950d ago (Edited 950d ago )

The Witcher 3 is game of the year. Period.

And yes, I liked MGS5. And I'm very excited for Fallout 4, But I probably won't be able to put TW3 down to play it for a while.

SolidStoner950d ago

this year alot of good games to begin with... and MGS5 deserves to be one of the best, or the best for sure! Even if its unfinished (and almost all games are like that). and those repeating missions lets you experiment with your imagination! Use different tactics and tools! I agree that it would be better if it would be finished 101% just like Kojima wanted.. still I dont remember last time when games where this polished!

Savsky950d ago

Bloodborne's Combat > The Witcher 3's Combat. Bloodborne is GOTY.

Captain_TomAN94950d ago

Hahaha sure TW3 is pretty but Bloodborne and FO4 bury it!

And Battlefront will have better graphics anyways...

the_dark_one950d ago

agreed. i love MGS series and i do 5 aswell but i must admit that i was a bit let down by it

so??? since when does good graphics mean that the game is gonna be any good? it could be a very good game but the fact that it doesnt have single player story mode just means that it wont be a GOTY

Bahamut950d ago (Edited 950d ago )


Bloodborne's combat might be slightly better, but it doesn't have the insanely rich story found in The Witcher 3. In all of my 30 years, I have never played a game that pulled me in like that. Then there's things like the sheer size of the world, which is massive! And there's never any downtime, so many things to do. The world is so beautiful and every area looks unique. The score is fantastic, the inventory, crafting and alchemy are all superb.

Multiple choices in the story also make this game truly feel special because your choices actually matter, depending on which part of the game you're in, your choices can inadvertently spark a series of events that you never saw coming.

And the graphics... THE GRAPHICS! Of course, I'm speaking for the PC version, I've never played this on a console.

I enjoyed Bloodborne, but quickly grew tired of the brutal difficulty. Don't get me wrong, it's not "too hard" or anything, it's just so demanding because one false move can lead you to be severely penalized, and it eventually exhausts my interest.

It's like hanging out with a friend that occasionally punches you in the face... He might be a cool guy, buys you stuff, makes you laugh...
But after a while, you start to think,
"Hey, I could hang out with a friend that DOESN'T punch me in the face..."

Another thing, Bloodborne just feels like Dark Souls but in a different setting, which isn't necessarily bad, but I JUST finished Dark Souls 1 and 2, so, I'll get back to it after a while. Great game. But GOTY? I'd have to say no, but hey, that's just my opinion.

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_-EDMIX-_950d ago

@Bahamut- "The Witcher 3 is game of the year. Period" ??

YOu mean the game that has cut content from it only to be sold as DLC? lol.



Fallout 4 also has a season pass..wonder how much of that content is cut? At this rate ,Fallout 4 is only half a game, they will sell the rest as DLC confirms its cut content.

ReesesPuffs950d ago (Edited 950d ago )

First off neither of the sources you supplied are reputable, but assuming we ignore that fact how is any of the content on those sources gamechanging? You're upset about things like one of two missing quests and some name changes here and there? How is any of that anywhere near as bad as MGSV which supposedly has an ENTIRE CHAPTER missing. The things you sourced out were probably just cut from development due to either creative changes or time shortages and none of them would've changed the final game drastically. While I may believe it's a little early to call Witcher 3 the winner of the year, your attempt to belittle it is laughable at best considering the way the devs have treated the gaming community as a whole especially when other companies, including Konami, just see you as a cash machine and don't care what you think as long as they get your money.

Bahamut950d ago

I really don't care about cut content in The Witcher 3. I have over 150 hours invested, and I don't see an end in sight. CDPR has done so much for the fans, this game is phenomenal. Truly. The entire team from CDPR could come to my house, burn it down, and leave me naked in the street... and I'd still forgive them and buy their next game. Fantastic.

HammadTheBeast950d ago

LOL your sources are absolute bullshit.

The first is just a series of people on gamefaqs randomly saying that they think content is cut. That's literally it, random speculation based on nothing.

The reddit link is also useless, it's basically people taking an unconfirmed leak from a year before the game was released and comparing it to the final game and assuming that something which was changed was "cut content".

Come on man, at least look through your own sources.

_-EDMIX-_949d ago (Edited 949d ago )

@Bahamut-"I really don't care about cut content in The Witcher 3. I have over 150 hours"

Is that not hypercritical though? I don't care about cut content either but not based on having a large amount of hours, I don't care because its not my content or IP to actually even have a say over.

Nothing I can do about and nothing removed that was some how promised or nothing removed that I was literally playing or anything lol

Consider I can say I have over 100 hours in MGSV, mind you, not an RPG, thus.... "don't care about cut content".

I'm sorry but there is no reason that this can't apply to ANY GAME!

I own the Witcher 3 and MGSV and I'm telling you I could care less about "cut content" on something I don't own the legal rights to, that was never even promised in the first place on 2 games that are easily the longest and largest and most content packed in the series history.

Again....can you not apply that same statement to any game? Why is all of a sudden is CDPR allowed to do that, but everyone else is suddenly evil for doing it?

Do you not see a bias or something hypocritical in getting mad at something objectively happening (or claimed to) on one get, yet ignoring it on another? If its ok with Witcher 3, its ok with all games. I see no reason to play favorites on something like this. If its wrong for MGSV, its wrong for all, if its ok with Witcher 3 doing it, then its ok for all.

I personally don't care, its crying over something after the fact, in hindsight that actually was never promised that no user actually has any legal right over.

@HammadTheBeast- "That's literally it, random speculation based on nothing"

Yes...sorta the point bud, is this not random speculation on MGSV?

btw did that source play those missions? As they are not playable, thus they very well could be placeholder content for DLC.

Even if it is cut content for DLC, who cares? CDPR owns the Withcer 3, not you nor I, they can do what ever the feel with their IP.

Mind you, you nor I can even confirm the DLC wasn't um "cut content" the point is who the hell cares? lol, did you like Witcher 3? Did you have fun with Witcher 3? Thus...why cry over something that wasn't going to be in the final game?

Now....same applies with MGSV, if they removed it, it was clearly not going to be in the final game, thus who cares? I mean...again you can't even prove that the content in DLC wasn't um "removed" or "cut"

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Pazto950d ago

Finally someone that dont kiss Kojima a**. Finally!
He had lots of money and plenty of time, still he gived us a good (really good) but totally uncompleted game. And this is unacceptable. All Konami fault? No way, wake up dudes.
This game COULD be the GOTY, but at the end is just a wasted opportunity.

ginsunuva950d ago

I was the one who said leave it at MGS4.

Everyone else was like "Praise Kojima he can never do anything wrong! In Kojima we trust!!!1! Bring on Metal Gear for another 20 years please!!!"

Ratty950d ago

I'm not sure how much blame should go to Kojima. Some, maybe. Cutting content and throwing in microtransactions is more of a producer/publisher move. Konami is filling that role. I'm not saying Kojima is perfect but I don't think he's had 100% freedom with the game.

ChronoJoe950d ago

Konami also need to make money, so I don't think it's entirely fair to put everything on them either. At the end of the day, they gave Kojima a huge budget and five years to spend on this title. Yet it's unfinished.

If anything, that responsibility goes onto the project lead, as it was clearly poorly managed.

Baka-akaB950d ago

And how exactly do a few malcontent posting here and there makes you right ?

So you'd rather not have a still excellent MGSV ? Ok cool .

Kaneki-Ken950d ago

@One_Eyed_Wizard I blame Kojima the most because he spent a huge budget. Hiring Kiefer just waisted a couple a million dollars, only were able to afford a few lines and previous game voice actor couldn't come return since they were offer too damn low. I believe that they could have hired a cheaper good voice actor for Venom Snake. I wonder where is the money from Ground Zerous went to since that money could have help finish the Phantom Pain.

Baka-akaB949d ago (Edited 949d ago )

Care to back up those claims about Kiefer's salary ? Sure he most likely cost more than a regular game actor ... but back when 24 was the biggest serie (meaning more than five years ago) , he was getting 500k per episode , with obviously more line each episode than the whole game .

And the guy was making 125k per eps for the 24: Live Another Day revival .

I seriously doubt he'd even touch that or even half for the whole work done on mgs5 ... let alone millions

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Ratty950d ago

I'm also disappointed that they removed content but if there's one thing the game has it's a lot of content. Also, plenty of people are flipping out already or have you already forgotten about that whole GZ fiasco?

It's my favorite game of the year so far but I do feel like it's been tainted by Konami. I get disgusted every time I see that MB coins icon. But despite all that it's still an amazing game.

DarkHeroZX950d ago

*Spoliers* do not read if you haven't finished Phantom pain.

Well MGS5 tells the story of The Big Boss from MGS2: Solid Snake game. Honestly you dont need to play it if you don't care to know how there ended up bring two Big Boss.

c31647949d ago

It tells the story that leads up to Metal Gear which is before the Metal Gear Solid series

zidane1341950d ago (Edited 950d ago )

Seriously, what a crock of shot. So what if content was cut? Every game has cut content! Stop being niave. Its not because kojima was attached to this. It's because most people realize that there is always shit that gets cut, go to the cutting room floor website, you wanna bitch about how symphony of the night had cut content too? Give me a break and stop whining. Same thing with Bioshock, mass Effect, I could go on and on.

_-EDMIX-_950d ago

"First off neither of the sources you supplied are reputable"

They don't really need to be, the source ot this doesn't even actually know if its "missing content" or placeholder content as they can't even play the missions ie they are not compete assets, missions etc.

"How is any of that anywhere near as bad as MGSV which supposedly has an ENTIRE CHAPTER missing"


Its just as bad as Witcher 3 having expansions that very well could be "cut content". My point if we are running with the logic that DLC is cut content, it applies to all.

I'm sorry but you can't just state "the things you sourced out were probably just cut from development due to either creative changes"

Yet some how that suddenly doesn't apply to Witcher 3.

When I'm posting that, I'm not only joking, I doing so to prove a point.

Could you not state for MGSV "the things you sourced out were probably just cut from development due to either creative changes" ?

What we are talking about with this whole cut content BS, is OBJECTIVE in nature, its something that is claimed to have "suppose to be" in the final game, yet um "cut" even though we don't know that, even though no proof it was ever going to be in the final game and truthfully of content that was not only never promised, of content no user actually owns the legal right to.

CDPR has all the right to remove content of a unfinished game of a quest that was never promised for creative reason even for DLC reasons as we are owed nothing more then the promised game.

If I wrote a book and it was going to be a series, if I decided that the ending of Book 1 makes more sense as the beginning of book 2...

What was really "Cut" from or "removed" from you? Is the book not my own work? Does it really matter when your actually buying what will be Book 1 and not what I originally had planned as book 1?

We are getting upset on content of a game, company, copyright, IP etc that do not belong to us.

I agree with you to a degree, if they want to remove it due to creative reasons, they are 100% free to due so, its not my game until I buy it lol, but til then, they are free to do with what they feel with their IP, unless its something that was promised, marketed etc, I just don't care.

What you said about Witcher 3 is 100% correct and the point I'm trying to make, if you can apply that to Witcher 3, anyone can apply that to MGSV and really any game with DLC.

Your buying what its marketed to be, not what you think it should have in it. What is "missing" of content you legally never owned?

Can you tell me as a writer that Book 1 is "missing" and ending you never owned and was never meant to be in Book 1 after the fact?

And I love both Witcher 3 and MGSV btw, I was merely stating that to have some folks open their eyes to just how silly this is and how it can be stated about any game. I don't let what is claimed to "should have been" in a game to stop me from what I'm currently enjoying in the final promised game. I just can't keep deeming my enjoyment based on hindsight of "cut content", I enjoy what I have vs cry about what I don't. Who cares that it was cut? That doesn't take away from who amazing BOTH games currently are.

Greysturm950d ago

Such brilliant manipulation of expectations, left everone feeling phantom pain for something that wasnt even there to begin with. Shame people miss that meta level of things which is why fallout 4 will probably be goty for mainstream awards followed by witcher 3.

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AizenSosuke951d ago (Edited 951d ago )

Konami you scumbags MGS5 was suppose to be the finally Kojima adventure but look at it now.

A chapter missing and now 8 more missions are gone too._.

cemelc950d ago (Edited 950d ago )

The game was 5 years in development... 5!!! like GTA and he couldnt finish the game...

How much time more do you need? I dont like konami but if i was putting money on someone, i sure as hell would want something in return, sooner.... a lot sooner.

What do you mean they didnt give him the money? do you know how development works? you have to pay developers monthly for the duration of the development, do the math for 5 years. (Thats not counting hardware or software)

Servbot41950d ago

The thing is, yes, he spent a long time on the development of the game, but it was also time spent developing the Fox Engine, which was to be used for all future Konami releases, until they up and left the gaming industry for Pachinko slots.

The engine turned out downright amazing; it was time well spent and would have paid for itself in spades with future releases being able to rely on it for at least an entire generation not to mention the potential to lease it to other developers. It's a damn shame it'll only be used twice, one of which is a lame yearly sports title.

Ratty950d ago

It's a real waste indeed though I think it's portable to pretty much any platform from what I heard so I wouldn't be too surprised if they released mobile games running FOX. Most game engines these days can be easily ported to phones.

If they really leave it there and don't use it anymore then it truly is a complete waste.

scark92951d ago

The sooner Konami go downhill the better..

DarkOcelet951d ago

The fact that they got the money back assuming the 180$ million dollars is real is just sad.

Imagine if Kojima had got the budget he wanted. Sigh.

They could have easily made the money back and we could have got a better game.

**** Konami

Concertoine950d ago

It's a shame some people on here are dumb enough to want thousands of people to lose their jobs.

Hold_It950d ago

@Concertoine Right? It's a shame a lot of people on here think Kojima is the second coming of Christ and Konami is Lucifer.

scark92950d ago

In regards to within the mainstream gaming industry, considering they are going that route

squeezx950d ago

Still it's the best playing MGS game in the series even though it could've been more complete storywise.

killbillvolume12950d ago

Gameplay wise YES! Story wise NO DICE!

djplonker950d ago (Edited 950d ago )

I preferred mgs2's story over mgsv's... That says alot.

Greysturm950d ago

That only shows how you didnt understand or apreciate mgs2.

_-EDMIX-_950d ago

From what I've read, its unclear if this is real content or placeholder data. As no one has been able to actually play those missions.

Witcher 3's PC version has placeholder data, so did Skyrim, that actually doesn't mean content was either cut, mission etc. Many times its in place for where they are going to add the DLC, even Destiny had placeholder content in some areas.

Because of nature of this community, the reality is.....might as well say all expansions are cut content, regardless of how large the game is, regardless of how much content it offers etc.

Because of the limited form its found in, I'm not too sure how much of that content is even complete, I mean evident by how we don't see anyone actually playing those missions

Spotie950d ago

Hey, look at this! A reasonable and sensible comment!

Ratty950d ago

I think GZ had a couple of placeholders as well. Like you said, all games have that.

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