Don't delete your Resistance Saves when Resistance 2 comes around

Kotaku speaks with James Stevenson of Insomniac Games in regards to what types of bosses, added graphical effects and the possibility of integrating your Resistance:Fall of Man games saves into Resistance 2

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doshey3753d ago

that would be nice i beat this game like 10 times and i would like my work to go somewhere

Lifendz3753d ago

won't delete it. But still gotta wonder why no trophy support for Resistance 1. I think that would spark sales and get people psyched for R2. But hey, Insomniac makes a quality product so I'm not going to give them a hard time.

badz1493752d ago

why would someone want to delete their savefiles? it's not even that big of a file and every PS3 is equiped with at least 20GB HDD! I've never deleted my savefiles and never will! those are what I'll show my friends about my progress and to be proud of if I've finished a game! it's the feel of accomplishment after hours of playing! I don't want the time I spent to be waste! :P

EastCoastSB3752d ago

Insomniac stated that they wanted full focus on the development of R2 and they didn't want to take a team off of it to make the trophies for RFOM.

Lifendz3752d ago

Thanks for the info. Doesn't seem like it would take more than one guy to do this but I'll trust Insomniac and just make do playing through the game sans trophies. At least I know R2 will have 'em for sure.

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gaffyh3753d ago

Insomniac always do the game save thing, they have done it for most of their Ratchet games. So it would be a good idea to keep the saves.

NO_PUDding3752d ago

Prefer if it meant I got a different skin, or a special weapon.

Whoopee cushion.

games4fun3753d ago

looks like i'll have to save it, i only beat it on hard once, i've been playing multiplayer all the time on it though.

SilPho3753d ago

Another reason for people to draw parallels between Gears 2 and Resistance 2, god knows why since one is a third person and the other is a first person but still, rivalry runs rampant around here.

I guess I should actually try to beat Resistance 1 on more than just normal at some point.

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The story is too old to be commented.