Are Nintendo’s New NX Specs Enough to Lure Developers?

Jordan Writes: The Wall Street Journal has reported that Nintendo has started sending out development kits for its newest system currently titled the “NX.”

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Moonman953d ago

The developer I seriously want them to lure is Rockstar.

Neonridr953d ago

I think Nintendo needs to do everything in their power to ensure that Read Dead Redemption 2 or GTA VI or whatever comes next from Rockstar needs to be on the console.

_-EDMIX-_953d ago

...that ship has sailed long ago. NX is sounding like its handheld hybrid so I don't expect them to be playing ball with 3rd parties anymore.

LOL_WUT953d ago

We haven't really heard anything regarding Nintendo approaching 3rd party devs like how Sony did with the PS4. I think there might've been only one and it was CliffyB which isn't saying much.

Heres hoping they actually go around talking to devs before finalizing any specs otherwise it'llbe another wiiu all over again ;)

donthate953d ago

I think Nintendo will stay true to form by bringing innovation to the market, and push first party first. Once the console starts showing traction, more and more developers will join.

That means early games will be ports from third parties, with a strong 1st party lineup. Probably why Wii U has such a weak lineup of 1st party games, because everyone is focusing on NX.

Really excited to see what it is!

I am also curious to see if all the "resolution whores" will jump ship and join Nintendo's more powerful console.

Neonridr953d ago

@donthate - Should Nintendo beef up the system and deliver the most powerful console on the market, I will be eager to see the reasons to not to get this console.

ShinMaster953d ago

@ donthate

"I think Nintendo will stay true to form by bringing innovation to the market, and push first party first. Once the console starts showing traction, more and more developers will join."

They already tried that with the Wii U.

And what you're saying is that the reason why Wii U hasn't done well for the past 3 years is because developers were focused on the NX.... k

@ Neonridr

A good reason might be that they already own a PS4 and/or Xbox One.
If people really want to play Nintendo's first party games, then they would have a Wii U by now.

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Timesplitter14953d ago (Edited 953d ago )

Personally, if I buy a Nintendo console (which I surely will), it most certainly won't be for the usual big run-off-the-mill AAA franchises.

They do need third party support to become successful, but I honestly couldn't care less about playing GTA, Assassin's Creed, Battlefield, etc... on a Nintendo console

TheUndertaker85953d ago

Taking that stance is what has the WiiU in the position that it's in

Timesplitter14953d ago (Edited 953d ago )

I don't think so. I think the Wii U is in that position because:

- The power tradeoff they made for their portable console / dual-screen gimmick was absolutely not worth it
- They though the casual-oriented mindset they had with the Wii would work a second time but it didn't
- Nintendo did a terrible marketing job for the console's launch. It took many people a few months to even realize this was an actual new console and not just a new Wii version like a "Portable Wii" or something. Its launch went mostly unnoticed.

TheUndertaker85953d ago (Edited 953d ago )

All of that is true as well with the OS needing half of the resources and how much the GamePad actually takes. If you look at pre-launch however they promised and showed third party support that would produce greater results than PS3 & Xbox 360. In many aspects they greatly failed there.

Games like Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed, and others were touted by Nintendo to be the best on WiiU. Things like missing DLC & no real upgrade hindered those titles but by both faults being caused by Nintendo itself. Their network just isn't there plus the WiiU just isn't enough, particularly after being hindered by the OS and GamePad. The way they have it running to some extent is fine because yes, it works but it's very costly on the system.

If Nintendo had went with 4GB RAM even over two I think they'd be slightly more safe but opted to go with two. 4 would've left three for devs. Two only grants 1. If they'd have chose to give the GamePad its own actual insides rather than have it relying solely on the system for processing they might be in a different position.

There's a lot of ifs but ultimately I think many decisions made by Nintendo hindered the WiiU and ultimately cost them a lot of third party support. They also desperately need to get their network closer to modern times. It just lacks in a lot of places that should be possible but don't seem to be occurring with WiiU.

For what it's worth I wish they'd open up the 3DS to the WiiU as means of input instead of the GamePad and see what it could open up. The added resources could produce better results for the WiiU as it goes out and give it a little boost. I don't see it matching PS4/Xbox One but a boost none the less. Could also be a means to move more 3DSs and in particular this newest iteration.

_-EDMIX-_953d ago

Ok sooooo all you do is confirm that Nintendo is out of the exclusive console market and seeking a handheld that just outs to a tv.

If they are not going to get sales from gamers that play IPs like that, why waste the time to create a system that could even support them?

Might as well go all handheld and do their own design and call it a day.

Their handhelds do great too btw. But if one is seeking to not buy anything other then Nintendo published, your very much the example of why they are no longer seeking 3rd party support.

DragoonsScaleLegends953d ago

Yes fans of Nintendo like myself will always buy Nintendo hardware but to get a large majority of people buying it has to be just as good if not better by itself than other consoles. Currently the Wii U is in a secondary console position where most people only buy it after they have already chosen a XB1 or PS4.

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TheUndertaker85953d ago

Nintendo I do think could benefit from Rockstar but good luck. Nintendo seems to like to steer clear.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory953d ago (Edited 953d ago )

Never gonna happen. Western Developers will either not support from start or abandon after.

Square Enix - Already talked about Dragon Quest and FFXIV being on it.
Namco Bandai
Platinum Games
Spike Chunsoft - Who has already express interest in developing for the platform.
KOEI Tecmo
Marvelous AQL
Arc System Work
and they Japanese Publishers and Developers is going to be Nintendo key to success.

ShinMaster953d ago

After the GameCube came out and Iwata took over, he got rid of Nintendo of America's autonomy, hurting relationships with western developers, right when the West was becoming a powerhouse in the games industry going into the 7th gen of consoles.
Because of this, in combination with weaker hardware, the Wii and Wii U had poor third-party support from the West.

If they can bring competitive hardware and undo the damage with western developers, this could be a successful console.

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HRD_Games953d ago

While everything is still up in the air, I just hope the console does well. Had enough of people crying that "Wii u has no games", when it's the console I'm enjoying the most right now.

Dumpling953d ago

it doesnt have a bazillion games but the ones i have are so fun! Splatoon being my #1 followed by MK8

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Hoffmann953d ago

Without "support" in the form of money, it will be more and more difficult for Nintendo to get third party developers on the nX after the Wii and the Wii U that demonstrated that third party games have rarely success on Nintendo consoles.

Its mostly Nintendo fans now buying Nintendo consoles for Nintendo games, and the developers know that.

953d ago
Lionalliance953d ago

I get a Sega vibe from all of this...

donwel953d ago

Whilst I do think it's a mistake that Nintendo are putting out another system so soon after Wii U, I will say that they certainly aren't in any financial difficulty like Sega was.
They made bank during the Wii years and even made a tidy sum on the DS and currently with the 3DS.
Nintendo are smart with their cash, I don't think they'll be going anywhere soon.

mamotte953d ago

Well... this generation's life has been strange after all, but's not "so soon":

SNES 1991
N64 1996
GameCube 2001
Wii 2006
Wii U 2012 (six years)
NX 2017 (?)

It's the same 5 years cycle as always... this gen has been pretty slow on games, dont you think? Cant believe PS4 and Xbone are already 2 years old....

donwel953d ago

I dunno man, maybe it's just me. It might be because, as you say, the games are lacking a bit in quantity.
What we've had have been the usual high quality you'd expect from Nintendo, though the lack of 3rd party support has shown a bit I think.

dillhole953d ago

Sega never had Mario, Zelda, Metroid, DK, Kirby etc. To fall back on. I love Nintendo games I just hope this time they make a proper console with no bullshit.

Chinkyinc18953d ago

Yea, Sega did have IP franchises to fall back on thus why they became a software publisher after they got out of the console biz.

N4g_null952d ago

And where is all of those ips now? If they had so many why are they only releasing bad sonic games?

superchiller953d ago

The real question is, will the NX be handicapped with yet another silly gimmick, or will it be a full-featured, solidly designed console? Has Nintendo learned the lesson, that gimmicks alone aren't enough to attract gamers to their hardware? Time will tell, but it's hard to be optomistic, when all their gaming hardware for over a decade has been based on gimmicks.

Stringerbell953d ago

Fingers crossed for a region free console. I wont hold my breath though...

Moonman953d ago

Nintendo has voiced from the top that they want a region free scenario. Was it Miyamoto or Iwata...somebody said

LOL_WUT953d ago

Well said super +1 ;)

I really hope whatever that handheld thing is better be optional otherwise I dont see this taking off. They've been riding that gimmick train hoping it'll stick for far too long now people just want a powerfull traditional system that can compete so we'll see ;)

marloc_x953d ago

Networking with 200 million mobile users will be the "gimmick".