Rockstar demands leaked GTA: Chinatown Wars info to be removed

The first real details about Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars hit the web yesterday via an email survey. However, Rockstar did not seem to be too thrilled about that. The thing is, the details seemed to have come from a broken NDA, so Rockstar is doing everything in their power to have all of the information removed from every website.

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fury3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

once something, be it a picture or any other kind of information, is in the web, it's most likely it will be always in the web.

so good luck removing "info" from the web rockstar. i personally would like to see how you will manage to remove the info from "every" website in the web.

TheDeadMetalhead3754d ago

So we know something about the game! If the game is worth buying, then the info should only make us want it more, right?

clevernickname3754d ago

I've never understood this irrational obsession game studios have with secrecy. "Oh noz! Teh secrets leaked on the Internets." Big farking deal. So we know you have another game in the pipe. Whoop-di-f*cking-do.

Matpan3753d ago

well, it´s their product after all. They hold the copyrights to it and I guess it´s in their best interest to keep it off the public knowledge for the time being. They must believe its better not to market this one yet, or they just can´t sort out a very important issue to get it working yet, or they haven´t decided on the name yet (and don´t want to say anything till they have one), or they just feel like anouncing it just a day or two before it hits the streets cause they think it would be cool. In any case... they have the right to keep it secret for as long as they want, it´s theirs...

Anyways... yeah... good luck getting that info out of the internet.

ZombieNinjaPanda3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

People are just gonna copy save, file save as all the info and pics. Then once it has died down, it's gonna be up again.

I wonder how this game will be anyway.

Skaterboy Tell Em3754d ago

Trying too hide details and gamplay again,this must mean this game sucks and they dont want people to find out about it till they buy it just like gta 4.I mean who waits till 1 day before a game comes out to show us some actual gameplay(gta4),thats just rediculous.

SCFreelancer3753d ago

You should remember that images released during a test can hold all kinds of info. Early screencaptures usually don't do the final product justice.

I can very well imagine that a company only wants to publish stuff that is at a certain level of quality.

MGRogue20173754d ago

It's time to play the Wating game with Rockstar again... You ready???

... Off we go.

SCFreelancer3753d ago

It’s probably a self fulfilling prophecy. If you loved their previous products you are going to look forward to the next one even more.

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