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sinncross1103d ago

Sounds like they are gearing up to replace both the 3D and WiiU next year.

Interested in seeing how industry-leading the chipset is.

ninsigma1103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

If they're only just starting to release dev kits now then I can't see this releasing next year. More behan likely a reveal next year and maybe a showing off of what their first party guys have been working on. 2017 release is likely.

I'll send your 50 bison dollars and raise you 100.

My reasoning is that devs don't have much time between now and 2016 to dev a whole game if they've only gotten their hands on dev kits now.

Hoffmann1103d ago

I bet 50 Bison Dollars that the Nintendo NX will be released in September 2016.

1103d ago
WeAreLegion1103d ago

What is the ratio of Schrute Bucks to Stanley Nickels?

Ron_Danger1103d ago

@texag & legion

2007 rules of the internet stipulate that it's time for someone to enact a C-c-c-combo breaker...

ABizzel11103d ago


Not 100% true.

No console launches with 50+ games, so that's a non-issue. Nintendo developers more than likely already knew the specs of the NX for quite a while, and have been targeting and developing games based on that since probably earlier in this year.

That's almost 2 year's of development time, and more then enough time to get some launch titles up and ready for NX.

As for 3rd parties, they're going to do nothing but port PS4 / XBO multiplats over to NX, and according to devs porting between PC and the consoles takes about 1 year, which means this gives them just enough time to port game to the NX, as long as Nintendo has adopted the same architecture as PS4 and XBO (which would be foolish to not have).

I don't expect both to launch in the same year, as it would potentially cannibalize the sales of one device (most likely the home console). That being said I think it's a mistake to not launch the home console first holiday 2016, and the 4DS in 2017. The handheld is going to sell regardless and it's their console brand that needs the most help. Launching later puts it closer to PS5 / XB4, and gives it less and less time to get any kind of lasting 3rd party support.

gedden71103d ago

Not if its on the very same level as ps4 and xb1 and then made easy to port. Also, remember the NX will be the 1st family system. Same games but different scaling. So when the NX launches, that may just mean the brand.

VenomUK1103d ago

This is strong evidence for the NX consoles to launch next year. It might be that it is based on the same architecture as the PS4/XBO which would make it very easy for developers to make games for.

I'm thinking that next year at E3 we might just have the return of a Nintendo live conference!

wonderfulmonkeyman1103d ago

2017 release is certain, actually.

There's always at least a 5 year gap between Nintendo's home consoles, and since the Wii U released in 2012, and since they always release a system the year following its announcement, it will be announced next year and released in 2017.

People who are denying this, are denying historical evidence in the hopes that Nintendo will make the stupid move of killing the Wii U early.

ninsigma1103d ago

You guys make good points. Whenever it releases it better have backwards compatibility for wii u games. And they better not release zelda for it. I want that for my wii u lol

Game4Next1103d ago

Xenoblade X HD remaster, with physically based shader & global illumination. Day One!

Intranquill1103d ago

Normally I would agree but we have to assume the dev kits are hitting third party developers now. It's hard to say how long first party Nintendo devs have had their hands on the device. We could easily see a 2016 release with say Zelda with a WiiU/NX release, a new Mario, splatoon 2, so on. Nintendo has plenty of first party games to flesh out their release window until third party ramps it up, they just failed to keep up with demand on the Wii U due to how hard HD coding was. Their quote, not mine.

freshslicepizza1103d ago

this sounds like nintendo, give out kits late to third party developers. not much time to make games if the system will be out in 2016.

also they report industry leading chips. this could be chips comparable to what's in ipads for all we know.

BattleAxe1103d ago

My bet is that Trump will be inaugurated before the NX releases to the public.

81BX1103d ago

1st... show me your wares!

Kamikaze1351103d ago

Unless they have a slew of 1st and 2nd party titles ready for a launch window and are just now shipping out the dev kits so 3rd party devs can work on porting games to the new system.

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iplay1up21103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

It also looks like I was WRONG. Wow a real possibility of a 2016 release confirmed. I thought for sure 2017 would be the year for NX.

It also means others were probably right about a dual console release of Zelda. If this new console has all of the power stated in this article, I hope the NX version takes advantage of the added power, and is not just a port like Zelda TP Gamecube/Wii.

I still think 2017 might happen, 2016 would be even better.

In the meantime I am very happy with my Wii U.

Moonman1103d ago

I seriously can't wait to play the new Zelda (however it gets released).

LOL_WUT1103d ago

I'll say this again if the system comes with any sort of gimmick dont expect it to be some powerhouse of a console you cant have it both ways. So if the hanheld part is seperate meaning optional then they might have a chance either way i cant wait to see what nintendo has in store ;)

Loadedklip1103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

Refreshing to see someone admit they might have been wrong.

Nothing official yet of course ... but still nice to see.

Bubble for you sir.

freshslicepizza1103d ago

i said it months ago that the lack of games shown beyond 2015 along with the delay of zelda spelled out a 2016 release date for the nx. i wouldn't be surprised if starfox comes to the nx too.

i also predict a brand new open world style mario game to launch with the nx. i have no problem at all admitting if i'm wrong.

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Razayn1103d ago

I'm curious on what the industry leading chipset myself, more importantly which architecture it uses. If it follow the PS4 and the XBOX one and goes with x86 it would take too long for devs to get in grips with the hardware.

3-4-51103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

Yes more NX news!

NX is my most wanted/anticipated gaming related item or "thing" I guess you could say.

* Even more than Halo 5,3D Mario game or Dragon Quest my want for the new Nintendo handheld & console.

Dev kits going out now would indicate a 2017 release though which means they probably still have a few decent Wii U & 3DS games in the works for 2016.

* Christmas 1996 = Mario 64 + Wave Race + Pilot Wings.

Those were the only games available at launch with Mario Kart 64 & Goldeneye 007 following in the 3-4 months after launch.

* I could see Nintendo doing something similar, but I'd suspect they would launch with a lot more than 2-3 games though.

* A New 3D Mario game similar to Mario 64/sunshine or galaxy - the motion controls, could be huge for the NX if launched with the system.

3-4-51103d ago

Just read this:

It says to "Thrid Parties".

To me this means that for 3rd party games, we are looking at a 2017 release.

That doesn't mean Nintendo hasn't already started on NX games though....They already have if they are passing out dev kits to 3rd party devs.

* My prediction = Nintendo will have Nintendo games for the NX ready by holiday 2016, because they've already been working on them for about 6-12 months.

* Most NX games shipping with console with be Nintendo games with 3rd party games following in the 6-12 months after launch. There will be 2-5 3rd party games ready for launch of NX but most will be Nintendo made games.

AizenSosuke1103d ago

I can't wait for NX = Next gen Hype !

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Kalebninja1103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

Okay, so now its at that point where that hybrid rumor I thought was nonsensical may actually be true. That "mobile unit" better not be a requirement to use like the gamepad and they have to get that price right. A powerful console with a portable unit doesn't sound cheap. I hope it's a different case and that they sent them both the Wii u successor and 3ds successor together.

Moonman1103d ago

I see it as whatever their next handheld will will work with the NX's similar coding for games. Sold alone or maybe with bundles. Not confusing to me. Reggie has said the NX is indeed a "home console".

Emme1103d ago

There are games for Wii U that dont require the gampad.

deafdani1102d ago

Yeah, probably the majority of them. Almost all Wii U games play fine with just the Pro Controller.

ginsunuva1103d ago

Maybe the console is like a tablet that you can either plug into TV or take as a portable tablet.

Neonridr1103d ago

I guess it's possible to do an E3 Reveal and still launch by Xmas of 2016, although I still feel early 2017 is more believable.

I will be eager to learn more. And by "industry leading" this thing better have, bare minimum, the same specs as the PS4, but realistically should be improved due to its later release and better tech being available.

ninsigma1103d ago

By rights it should be more powerful than ps4 but it's Nintendo, power isn't usually something they focus on. If the portable attachment is true, they may have pulled back on power for that.

stragomccloud1103d ago

They've only not gone bleeding edge with Wii and Wii U. Every other system was a powerhouse of its day.

Neonridr1103d ago

here's hoping they learned the error in their ways with the Wii U then. Wii was extremely successful, so even though it was significantly weaker, it still made them a boatload of money. Hard for Nintendo to see the folly in their ways when they sold 100 million consoles and made incredible profits.

The Wii U hopefully was a slap in the face and I hope they go back to the days of the SNES/N64 where they try to bring out the most powerful system to bully the other kids off the block.

Apex131103d ago

They haven't focuses on power for the last 2 consoles. The rest were more powerful including the cube.

Mr_Writer851102d ago (Edited 1102d ago )

"SNES/N64 where they try to bring out the most powerful system to bully the other kids off the block"

N64 got its arse kicked by the PS1 and the GC got destroyed by the PS2.

The Wii success was down to grandparents and bored house wives, they then all moved into the iPad, hence why the WiiU has done so poorly.

When it comes to home consoles they have lost it. Handheld they are obviously still top dog, but for how long? The 3DS whilst great numbers hasn't matched the DS despite having 0 compition in terms of dedicated gaming handheld hardware.

Mobile gaming will soon start eating into that market. Nintendo are making a HUGE mistake if they end the 3DS and make their home and handheld console one in the same.

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ABizzel11103d ago

They need that holiday boost more than anything.

They have to get that console out by holiday 2016, the handheld can come 2017 because it's going to sell regardless.

Wii U launched globally to over 2m units. They need those numbers ASAP with the console, and a March launch isn't going to be able to match what a holiday launch brings.

During the holiday people are out looking for presents and their thought process is in spend money mode. Spring / Summer 2017 doesn't have that same appeal.

Launch holiday 2016, get +2 million consoles sold out the gate, and work throughout 2017 on getting more sales.

Neonridr1103d ago

yeah that's a fair point ABizzel1, I can go along with that. Besides, the longer they wait, the more people get PS4's or XB1's and the closer they get to potential successors.

ABizzel11103d ago


Exactly. If they wait until holiday 2017 it's Wii U all over again....maybe GC / N64 sales if it's actually and all-around good console.

The reality is by 2017 PS4 will be at +60m sales, and XBO will likely be around 40m give or take. Those 2 consoles will completely dominate mindshare and marketshare meaning NX will barely get any ports, after launch since the install base is so large on both PS4 and XBO by then, that most developer won't even risk making games for NX (outside of JP at least).

It also means that they miss out on every big Franchise and New coming in 2016, specifically Dragon Quest 11 which could be huge for them with their JP launch.

Then that puts the NX well into the PS5 / XB4's potential 2019 / 2020 release date, which will stop any potential multi-platform gamer from picking up the NX when their favorite console(s) successor(s) are about to launch with significantly better tech and their current friends list.

They have to release the NX console holiday 2016, or it's in trouble.

AndrewLB1103d ago


How do you expect PS4 to hit 60+ million sales by 2017 (just over a year from now) when they haven't even sold half that in the previous 2 years???

Just make sure the facts don't get in the way of your grand predictions.

Mr_Writer851102d ago (Edited 1102d ago )

I can see new PS and MS consoles 2017/2018 the current generation will be 5/6 years old then.

PS1 - 1994
PS2 - 2000
PS3 - 2006

6 years between the first 3, the PS3 to PS4 being the exception by 1 year. However now they have moved to a more "PC" like architecture I would expect a return to the traditional 6 years maybe slightly less.

If that does happen NX will be DOA.

"How do you expect PS4 to hit 60+ million sales by 2017"

Maths not your strong point? When people say by 2017 they don't mean bang on the 1st Jan they usually mean by the end of.

Which is 27 months away, 27 minus 3 (Oct, Nov Dec 2015) leaves 24, 24 divided by 2 equals 12, there are 12 months in a year, so 27 months until the end of 2017 equals over 2 years. Not just over a year you moron.

We last heard that the PS4 was at 25m sales in July this year. 25 divided by the 20 months is 1.25 a month. At its current rate the PS4 could see potentially another 36m consoles sold (Aug 15 - Dec 17) that's on top of the 25m already sold is 61m.

That's not taking into account the potential growth that will come with price cuts, and following AAA exclusive releases such as UC4 which a lot of people are waiting for before jumping to PS4.

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djplonker1103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )


I don't think it can be argued that the n64 was in any way technically better than the original playstation (as in specs).

Not so sure about the gamecube vs the ps2/xbox so it's been awhile since they have had the best hardware.

Nevers0ft1103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

The N64 lacked RAM which caused N64 games to look fuzzy but technically speaking it was a bit more powerful than the PS1 - I *think* the PS1 could push more polygons but the N64 didn't distort polygons (as it had proper Z-buffering) and had way better texturing.

As for Xbox vs GCN (PS2 doesn't get a look-in), they had similar capabilities but different approaches. The XBox was more of a brute force approach whereas developers needed to understand the GCN architecture better to get similar performance as the hardware was strong but in very specific areas.

Neonridr1103d ago

this RISC architecture chip was more advanced, but like was said, lacked RAM. The expansion chip helped improve that, but the cartridge sizes were the real setback. No way to compete with a CD Rom.

garos821103d ago

gamecube felt more powerful. i had a ps2 during that era and only got a gamecube much later after its "death". I was extremely impressed with games such as metroid prime and resident evil 4. They still look pretty solid graphically till this date

MSBAUSTX1103d ago

The GC was easily the more powerful but the minidiscs pissed off third parties

user89668281103d ago

Go look up your specs n64 was plenty more powerful than Saturn and PlayStation and the GameCube was way more powerful than the ps2 and just about on par with the original Xbox

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ARESWARLORD1103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

The only problem is that the PS4 and One will be over 3 years old when the NX launches. This could be like the wii u all over again. It will hit and be slightly better then the ps4one. then a year or two later PS 5 and Xbox Next will destroy it.

Kalebninja1103d ago

The ps3 and Xbox 360 were out 7 and 8 years before being replaced. Going by that we won't have the next consoles from them until 2020 at least. Nintendo has plenty of room.


I don't think they will wait until 2020 to release new consoles. I think they will support the ps4 and xbox one until well past 2020, but we will probably see new hardware before then. These consoles have a hard time doing 1080p at 60fps, and 4k should be main stream before 2020. the GPU's are lacking in this generation of console gaming. Im not saying I don't love the xbox one and ps4, hell I even love my WII U. Would you all not like to have more power from your console? would you not like to play every game at 1080P and a rock solid 60FPS?

Kalebninja1103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

All im saying is thats how long the gap was between consoles. The gap has only increased over each generation so based off of that fact this will be the longest generation.

PS1->PS2 6yrs / PS2->PS3 6 yrs / PS3->PS4 7yrs.

N64-> GC 5yrs/ GC->Wii 5 years / Wii->Wii U 6yrs.

Xbox-> 360 5yrs/ 360 -> XBone 8yrs.

Neonridr1103d ago

With the Wii U, the other consoles were already announced and we knew details. No way the PS5 or XB2 are even close to a reveal stage. They would be fools to have less than a 5 year life cycle for the PS4/XB1.

mamotte1103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

I agree with you. call me a weirdo, but this gen has been pretty slow until now, I just cant believe PS4 and Xbone are two years old. And yes, I'm talking about games. The exclusive library of good released exclusive games (and please dont count remakes on this) aren't big enough. I suppose this will change eventually.

MSBAUSTX1103d ago


The better wait that long because so far the games have been uninspired and a bunch of rehashes. There has been two or maybe three great games on each of the other consoles. There are a lot more coming this holiday and next year it not enough. The PS4 and XB1 are just now hitting their stride. Developers haven't even figured out completely the best way to developer games for the new consoles yet. There is easily enough development room in these consoles for at least another four years. That means that the NX can share at least three years of that timeframe with better hardware and exclusives. Will be a very interesting future that's for sure.

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truechainz1103d ago

I wouldn't be so quick to think that the PS4 and X1 successors are that close. I mean we haven't even seen all of the first major releases yet from Sony and Microsoft's major studios. I think this gen has plenty of life left.

But then again what do I know lol

gedden71103d ago

You have a point. Nintendo needs to make sure the NX will MORE powerful than the ps4.

deadpoolio3161103d ago

Well that ain't happening period...Why people seem to have so much trouble grasping that Nintendo is a FAMILY company and they don't really care about power, they care about making an affordable FAMILY console.....

There is a specific reason why their network sucks, they don't have in-game chat in online MP. They could care less about neckbeards sitting in their mother's basement, they however care about Little Jimmy's parents buying little jimmy the new Nintendo console for Christmas.

Nintendo will always release mid-range consoles for affordable prices to appeal to the family, not some $400-$600 powerhouse to appeal to the graphics/power whores. The ONLY reason Nintendo's consoles EVER come off as "powerful" is because Nintendo has a habit of releasing their consoles in the middle of other consoles life-cycles.

Snes came out 2 years after the Genesis. The N64 came out about a year after the PS1, the gamecube came out like 3 years after the PS2. The Wii a year after the 360. The Wii U was the first console to come out before their competition.

jholden32491103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

^^^ Listen to @gedden7

It certainly can happen.

Nintendo has always been family friendly but, that's not all they are. Their games are also appealing to gamers and their consoles will reflect that.

Do not forget that Nintendo has made twice as many consoles that were the most powerful of their day as they've made lesser powered consoles.

You can be family friendly and still have a powerful console. Wii and Wii U are the outliers, not the trend.

ABizzel11103d ago


Completely disagree. The only way we'll see new consoles before the 2019 - 2020 timeframe is because MS quits this gen and launches a new console early forcing a new generation (excluding NX that is).

The longer the consoles last on the market, the more proftiable they become, and when you have a successor on the market the same time as your current money make, the pure profit of the current console must cover the loss of the new console.

Basically older consoles make more money on both hardware and software sales the longer they last.

That being said technologically speaking the evolution needed to eclipse this current generation isn't there yet, and if an upgrade happens this soon it'll be like jumping for PS360 to PS4 / XBO. Nice, but not a huge boost. In another 4 years GPUs will have had a large jump in performance even in the mid-range (this is where consoles have to get their hardware from).

But what you say is true about NX going up against PS5 / XB4, and this is why it's imperative that they get the console out ASAP by holiday 2016, and before the handheld. That gives them at least 3 - 4 years on the market to gain sales, and if the console is "Current Nintendo good" then that should put them around 20m - 30m (closer to 20m). If the console old-school NES / SNES / N64 / with a hint of GC good with the tech and features fans want (decent hardware, better online, more functionality) then they should be at 30m - 40m (closer to 40m), and that's a great starting point for turning around the slacking sales of their home consoles each generation (disregarding Wii's casual success).

If they wait until holiday 2017 they're pretty much doomed. PS4 will be at +60m by then, and XBO will be around 40m, pretty much owning the market and mindshare of the vast majority of core gamers, with franchises and New IP tied to those consoles.

If Nintendo wants their home console to have a chance at succeeding they have to:
1. Launch it holiday 2016
2. Have solid hardware (at least on par with XBO)
3. Have quality first party games
4. Have the best Wii U games remastered (or preferably backwards compatibility)
5. Have solid 3rd party support and showings both Western and JP
6. Have a solid online infrastructure and other features and functionality
7. Have a price of $299 or less

If it doesn't nail most or all of these, then it's in trouble, because at that point people will just buy a PS4 or XBO which will both be in the $299 price range more or less.

wonderfulmonkeyman1103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

1. Launching in 2016 is too soon, and a stupid move all around.

2. Connected to the first point; releasing in 2016 doesn't give Nintendo or third parties enough time to make new games to support the system with.
No one is going to want an NX if the only thing it's got is late ports of PS4 and XBone games that EVERYONE IS ALREADY PLAYING ELSEWHERE.

3. See No. 2.

4. Backwards compatibility is an essential.
It will lower the selling points of the console if it doesn't have it.

5. That's up to third parties, not Nintendo.
No matter how powerful the console is, if the only games third parties make for it are late ports, then third party games will flop on the NX, and they'll abandon it again without realizing it was their own damned fault that their games failed to sell.
The NX needs Witcher 4, not a late port of Witcher 3, in other words.

6. It has solid online. They just need to embrace chat functionality while keeping the online multiplayer free.

7. If it's more powerful than the XBone and PS4, and it has the most recent multiplat games instead of nothing but old ports of games from the PS4/Xbone/Wii U era, then it should be a higher price.
You wouldn't be asking Sony or Microsoft to sell a brand-new system at the same price as the Wii U was when it was brand new, so why would you expect the same of Nintendo when the system is likely going to be more powerful than the current leaders of this gen?

When the NX comes out, the PS4 and XBone will both be last-gen systems at last-gen prices.
Nintendo shouldn't need to match their price tags when they'll be delivering something more powerful.

ABizzel11103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )


1. I don't even want to go there with you, because you simply don't want them to do it, due to this minimum of 5 years fantasy you have.

2. There aren't going to be tons of new games at launch regardless. The NX isn't getting tons of 3rd party support off the top, because of the failures of the Wii and Wii U. They're getting ports and waiting until 2017, is foolish because it forces Nintendo to miss games like Dragon Quest 11 which is planned for a 2016 launch. Anyone who thinks launching in 2017 is better than getting Dragon Quest day and date needs to just mute themselves.

3. See end of comment #2.

4. This I agree on.

5. All you're only concerned about late ports, but the reason they give these "late ports" is because the franchise doesn't exist on Nintendo consoles to begin with. Simply launching the next game is another stupid idea (Mass Effect 3 as an example). What they need is a collection of the games (Mass effect Trilogy literally launched weeks before it and didn't hit Wii U), before the sequel comes outs. But games like COD, Battlefield, Assassin's Creed, The Withcer, etc... aren't there to sell the NX. They're there to fill the library with games that offer a significant amount of diversity among mature games that Nintendo themselves will never develop.

6. It has basic online, that's functional in games, because there are so few games that actually use their servers. The majority of online Wii U games are 3rd party games that use their own servers. They have tons of party type games, yet a handful of them have any kind of online. That's a problem that needs to be addressed.

7. If it has better specs. then of course it's going to cost more, that's just common sense. The problem is how is Nintendo going to sell a $400 console if they can't sell a $300 Wii U, when at the time of it's launch was more powerful than the PS360. Nintendo's core fanbase doesn't care about graphics and technology, they care about affordable hardware that plays Nintendo games. Nintendo fans aren't going to buy a $400 console by the 10's of millions, when they can nearly everything they need off the $200 or less handheld, which is exactly what's happening with the 3DS and Wii U.

Nintendo is playing catch-up plain and simple. PS4 and XBO my be "last-gen" generation wise, but technologically speaking they're still on par with NX given the price range Nintendo has to stay in (same thing happened with 3DS was $250, sales tanked until the price drop). Nintendo has to go into the business of entry level hardware. It's easier to sell a $250 - $300 console with Nintendo only games, vs. a $400 ($100 - $150 in savings that could be put towards 2 - 3 games) for the sake of being slightly more powerful than PS4.

Especially with a potential $299 PS4 / XBO with 60m / 40m units sold.


wonderfulmonkeyman1103d ago

@ Abizzel

1. You calling it a fantasy just confirms you're ignorant of the facts; most of Nintendo's home console systems have been separated by 5 years between each one, and each one has released the year following its announcement.

You can't spin that no matter how much you hate the Wii U.

2. What you just talked about is the very thing that KILLED THE WII U; relying mostly on ports did NOT do the system any favors.

Anyone delusional enough to believe that having nothing but ports to start it off, instead of investing in new games, is the way for the NX to succeed, needs to, in your own words, "mute themselves".

It'll take more than just missing out on DQ one time to make the NX flop.

3. See end of comment 2.

4. In answer to point 5: "All you're only concerned about late ports, but the reason they give these "late ports" is because the franchise doesn't exist on Nintendo consoles to begin with."

What you, and third parties, seem to be completely ignoring, is the fact that MOST WII U OWNERS HAVE OTHER SYSTEMS TOO, AND HAVE ALREADY PLAYED THOSE GAMES ELSEWHERE.

Wii U owners don't absolutely NEED these old ports; we've tried them already!
If that is the only thing offered up at launch, IT WILL KILL THE NX FASTER THAN NINTENDO EVER COULD.
The NX needs the LATEST games in series like CoD, AC, Uncharted, etc etc etc.
If it doesn't have the latest games, then the console will be off to too slow a start to convince people it's worth getting.

People keep exclaiming things like "oh, the reason the Wii U failed is because third parties sell systems, and the Wii U didn't have them!"
But when it's pointed out that the NX needs new games from third parties, which actually supports your prior point, suddenly they flip-flop right back to saying "Oh, but it NEEDS those old ports or it won't get anywhere!"

If the number of new games don't at least match the amount of ports by 1 new for every 2 old, then third parties won't profit off of the Wii U.
The priority MUST be on getting out enough new experiences to draw in a new crowd of gamers.

5. In answer to point 6.
Agreed; like I said, they need to embrace chat and other functions, but other than that, their online network is solid.
Their network isn't horrible, it just needs to include a lot of missing features.

7. They'll sell it the same way Sony sold the PS4; by making it significantly stronger than its predecessor, and showcasing new games from third parties front and center.
That's why the PS4 sold so well, and if Sony can do it, so can Nintendo.

Pricing the brand-new, and significantly more powerful, NX at the same price as a couple of LAST GEN CONSOLES, will only make people think that the specs were a LIE.

That, in turn, will decrease consumer trust and will make the console harder to sell out the gate.
If you make a powerful console, you make its price justify it.
You don't bury the console's future by selling at a tag so tragically low that it sends the wrong message to consumers.
At the very lowest, the NX should be $350, which was the price of the Wii U.
With better tech inside, even that would be a painful price tag for Nintendo, but they'd still be able to sell it, and sell it well, if they do all of the hype and advertisement as well as Sony did for the PS4.

If Sony can sell a PS4 at $400 with a significant upgrade, there's no reason why Nintendo cannot do the exact same thing.

_-EDMIX-_1103d ago

Who is to say NX is even seeking to be a console only?

NX like I've been saying for months now may merely be a handheld that can out to the TV. I have a feeling its not going to be what many on here are thinking its going to be.

They've failed too many time at consoles only, so I don't see them going back to that, I don't see NX even being competition to the PS4 and XONE as it will be focused on the handheld market.

It can't be a console that is a handheld held based on exactly what a console is lol.

But it can be a handheld that outs to a TV ala the PSP 3000 or have a docking station for controller use etc.

NX can be more powerful then Wii U and still be a beast handheld, Nintendo might want to unify their market and not have it fragmented from handheld to console etc.

They will make a handheld that you can play on your TV as to give those who game that way a feature they are custom to, but their real market has always been the handheld market. This is a nice way to quietly leave console gaming and still give some luxury of console to their next device.

I'm going out on the limb and calling its going to be that.

Loadedklip1103d ago

That's what I believe as well.

It will be an ultra powerful handheld with PS4 level graphics.

But you can use it as a home console.

From Iwata's speeches (may he RIP), he said about Nintendo spreading themselves too thin having to support two systems.

You know there is a Zelda game coming out this year ... but its not on Wii U.

It hurts a lot that Nintendo doesn't get third party support ... so it hurts even more when their own teams makes games on another system not called Wii U.

_-EDMIX-_1103d ago

Agreed. They can't keep fragmenting their market. If the console thing didn't pan out, its time to just let it go.

Handheld are always more powerful then the consoles that release prior to them. PS Vita on par if not more powerful then PS3, PSP more powerful then PS2, 3DS being just as if not more powerful then the Wii etc.

Its not a stretch to see a handheld by them actually more powerful then the current consoles as that is more common then many people think.

I don't think it will be as powerful as PS4, but I see it being as powerful as Wii U if not more powerful then it.

Having a handheld give the install base ALL of Nintendo's time vs fragmenting their markets. If you want to play it on the TV...hook it up, they are correct to go this route based on the handheld market just has sooooo much more of a install base then the console Nintendo fans.

They can deal with plugging it into a TV or having it wirelessly out or something. I think its a far traded and console gamers won't be too mad at Nintendo going this route.

Considering the Wii U's sales....its very clear they don't have as much actually really seeking to buy a Nintendo console for those games, but they will a handheld.

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uth111103d ago

"Industry leading chips"

So it comes with a bag of Doritos? :)

Hoffmann1103d ago

Thats what Michael Pachter is hoping for!