SOCOM: Confrontation Will Make You Love PSN

Jim Reilly of Kotaku: "I had a chance to sit down and get a nice long demo of upcoming SOCOM: Confrontation for the PS3. As someone who wasn't big into the previous titles in the series before, I wasn't sure how in the hell I'd like this one. As it turns out, it's very easy to pick up and get into. And of all the major PS3 releases this fall – and there's a lot of them - SOCOM is the game you might want to keep an eye on.

It seems like every online shooter coming out nowadays is held to a much higher standard than before when it comes to features and modes. Everyone is trying to outdo each other by having larger multiplayer maps, better cover systems, or smarter AI bots. So it was refreshing to see that SOCOM: Confrontation went the simple route and included none of these."

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doshey3722d ago

what if u already love psn then does it make u forever hate live and love psn for systems on, not trying to sart a flame war just askin

marinelife93722d ago

Warhawk and Socom are great full fledged games without having to pay $60 bucks. I like the direction Sony is going with this.

rroded3722d ago

ya Warhawk already stole my soul Socom certainly has the potential too do the same cant wait for my quore beta to start.

PoSTedUP3722d ago

i already love PSN but socom is the greatest franchise eva and i couldnt live without it.

jamilion3722d ago

CONFIRMED!!I went to EB games and they said SOCOM is 59.99 they couldn't tell me if that included that RUMORED headset.

ANOTHER THING, if you enjoyed MGO you will enjoy socom, its all team based, i will tell you this much, your claymore will kill everyone :)

PimpDaddy3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

But I never played Socom on my PS2. I had an Xbox also and just played on Live. So I am asking politely for my fellow PS3 owners to please educate me on Socom.

Everybody I know that that had a PS2 and upgraded to a PS3 says this game is the best thing since sliced bread.

I'm thinking about getting the bundle with the headset because I lost the one that I bought with WarHawk last year.

Also I like the direction Sony is going with games like WarHawk, WipeOut, GT5P, Tekken 5 DR, Socom, etc... where they are releasing the games through Digital distribution. they save on costs of the optical media, packaging, shipping, and selling at below MSRP to retailers. It makes more sense from a business perspective to offer this option.

Edit: Shine1396. Thanks for the tip. Damn I got another bubble stalker. I have posted several comments today and there is always like 1 immediate disagree no matter what I say.

shine13963722d ago

socom really gets professional on start asap, or you'll be a deadwieght...especially if you live in the US'.

cLiCK_sLiCK93722d ago

So if i buy QORE epidsode 1 right now, i can still get into the BETA? or is it too late?

Milky3721d ago

This is gonna be so good. My heart beats fast everytime I read something about Socom.

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Kleptic3722d ago

I'm with the author on this so far...Nothing I have seen gameplay wise has really made this a day one purchase so far...I read an article in PSM that talked about how it does have a 'peaking' cover system controlled only by sixaxis motion...which sounds pretty risky to me, although no preview has really commented on it so maybe it is very subtle or simply works very well...

and the looks at times pretty unimpressive; at least what I have seen...explosions and particle effects look pretty good...but character models looked extremely flat, which was very annoying being that its a TPS (the first thing that stands out in MGS4 imo is how stupid good snakes suit looks)...

but who knows...maybe I am looking for little things because there are already like 5 games I will be buying right away this fall...I have never played much of the franchise either, so I'll see how much I like it closer to release...a demo or beta would be perfect for me...

Shaka2K63722d ago

But ofcourse LBP,Socom and Home will make my love for Sony PSN even stronger.

dkgshiz3722d ago

Like seriously, the 360s lineup is just Sh!t!

zapass3722d ago

"duuuude, too hunan, viva pinacollada, gears of wank 1.5 and banjo gazouille are teh sh!tz!!!!!!!!!"


clintos593722d ago

Even though these arent the original makers, the name alone keeps me wanting more. I know ill definately be enjoying this game online.

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