N4G July Contest Winners

Here are the winners of our July contest.

Contributors of the Month

1. BIoodmask   $500
2. Cyrus365      $300
3. harry190        $200
4. SUP3R          $100
5. vasilisk           $100
6. Syko 360        $100
7. Columbo         $100
8. BloodySinner  $100
9. griff                   $100
10. Rowland        $100

Congratulations to everybody who won!

PS: All winners will be paid through Paypal. If we do not have your info you will be contacted soon through PM.

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I_killed_TheMart3781d ago

IS this how you pay your bills bloodmask?

Syko3781d ago

Is it just me or have the top ten monthly scores shot off the charts lately. Earlier this year 13,000 Submission would net you a top ten. Now it is around 35,000! lol.

Bloodmask, Cyrus365, Catastrophe and Harry190 are the royalty of submitting though...The rest of the top ten usually fights over the scraps =). See you guys in August.

Harry1903781d ago

It was quick this month. Usually the announcement comes mid-month. Nice. And thanks.