GameDaily: FaceBreaker Impressions

While Fight Night Round 3 is a gorgeous and enjoyable boxing game, it's a bit slow. GameDaily would much rather pummel with lightning fast jabs and crush opponents with haymakers. For that, there's Electronic Arts' FaceBreaker, a boxing romp designed by the Fight Night crew that sports cartoon fighters and fast-paced punching goodness. EA recently released a demo on Xbox Live, and GameDaily went a few rounds with its boxers, who bludgeoned them to a pulp.

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pwnsause3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

funny how im banned from reporting articles because of the bruceongames article i reported a few days ago. you mods are very funny.

and lets be serious, gamedaily is a flame site as well. they have no journalistic integrity at all. dont believe me, read their articles.

Kleptic3722d ago

totally agreed...that would be the biggest war of this generation...who is more retarded: BruceonGames or GameDaily...

I stopped clicking on the source a long time ago when GD is involved...I still don't know what exactly they said about LBP, because I won't go that site...but I am sure it is pretty much guaranteed to be on a level of credibility that would hold if TheMart or Zuhk wrote it...

zapass3722d ago

I think n4g's been hit by a tsunami of brown smelly SPAM lately.
it's time to start thinking how we can strike back

getupahh3722d ago

I don't give a sh*t about what GD thinks. They are in the running for worst gaming site on the net.

zapass3722d ago

GD is spam and bloodmask is the mailman