GameShark: Castlevania Judgment Preview

Koji Igarashi, creator of the Castlevania series, has attempted on several occasions to move from side-scrolling action to full three-dimensional adventures. While the most recent try wasn't altogether too bad, those before it have left an indelible mark on the franchise. Surprisingly, that isn't stopping him from continuing the push into polygons, this time with a totally different approach. Castlevania Judgment marks another attempt at 3D gameplay, ditching the side-scrolling gameplay for straight up fighting.

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Zerodin3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

I'm gonna take a steamer on it! Who's with me?
Sorry Konami, if you can't do a proper sequel, then go back to making PS3 games. All of those MGS4 owners still love you.

ChickeyCantor3753d ago

...what sequel?
Order of Ecclesia is still coming you know.
I honestly dont want to focuss on 2 games coming out around the same time about killing dracula with 50% same gameplay.

I'm glad they did this, still could be fun to sum.