The 25 Best Quarterbacks in Madden History

IGN: "Last week, we went through the annals of Madden history and found the 10 Worst Quarterbacks in Madden History, a list that no quarterback would ever want to find himself on. Alas, Wally Richardson and company now likely will beat us up if they ever recognize us in public.

To try and find some quarterbacks who will get our back, we're going in a different direction today. Turning our revulsion into appreciation, we've gone Madden-by-Madden and recorded the ratings and ranks for each quarterback, analyzing who's the best and by how much. (Of course, remember that not all versions of Madden actually had player ratings, so some versions are left out.) We contrasted and compared, played some games to remind us of how good each one was, and then created a list of the Top 25 quarterbacks in Madden History. Since a list of every Brett Favre and Peyton Manning iteration would be no fun, we're picking the best season (by rank) for each quarterback, but only giving each quarterback one spot on the list. We'll detail each quarterback's rating in their best season, as well as other prominent Madden performances."

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