Dead Rising Screens

Time to kill some zombies, Wii style.

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Zerodin3722d ago

But I want this one too, because it's not just a port.
Different engine(RE4 on the Wii was sexy), better saves, and no more Otis! Only the delusional would expect 360's level of detail or number of zombies. Plus it's Capcom, their Great games to Crap games ratio is very good.

Voiceofreason3722d ago

THEY are pushing for 100 zombies which to me is extreme over kill. I would like to see this game go beyond RE4 graphics though. RE4 was on PS2 after all so there is no real reason they couldnt make it better looking.

ChickeyCantor3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

the PS2 versions was not like the GCN version.
GCN version has a higher polygon count and much more colour depths in textures.
So the PS2 version was dumped down and as a pros extra levels.

The thing i dont like about this is that...They did not use a clean engine made for the Wii. But hey RE4 gameplay = awesome =D

edit: in an article about the 100 zombies, the person talking about DR
said that they are trying to do "over" 100.
So maybe the 100 is already achieved.

Skadoosh3722d ago

One of the best and fun games ever. Pick it up wii owners! :)

Eiffel3722d ago

The Graphics fail but hey its a Nintendo console I forgot, but in all seriousness who's the idiot who thought that a 1.5% graphic increase than the gamecube was good for their next gen console.

ChickeyCantor3722d ago

Seriously these numbers dont mean anything to us.
The GPU is more efficient than the GCNs and can do more stuff.
It's rather this ENGINE not making full use of the Wii since its the RE:4 engine that was used on the PS2 and GCN.

GiantEnemyCrab3722d ago

What an insult to such a wonderful game ON THE 360.

Old Snake3722d ago

QFT. Dead Rising was a great game, but there are hardly any zombies in the screens and that was what made the first game so awesome. And I'm a little concerned if the wii controls will actually make it better rather than worse

kevnb3722d ago

did this really need to be ported to the wii?

El_Colombiano3722d ago

No, but Capcom wants to milk it. Man I'm still steaming because this NEEDS a PS3 port!

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