DICE Answers On Star Wars Battlefront Gameplay, Customization & More

DICE replied to some questions of the Star Wars Battlefront community regarding many aspects of the game.

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Imp0ssibl3790d ago

Damn, I was looking forward to play as Ewok on Endor. Maybe DLC?

spaceg0st790d ago (Edited 790d ago )

That was my first reaction too, but then I thought about how small the ewoks are and might feel like cheap deaths if they're harder to aim at. Think odd job from 007

Kleptic790d ago

'poker night' with friends when i was 13:

license to kill, best of 7, dice roll for map, no one can be odd job...

-Foxtrot789d ago

They don't even let you play as

Throwing stones and spearing Stormtroopers was great.

"Maybe DLC?"

Really ¬¬

XBLSkull789d ago

You guys don't remember ewoks correctly, they were worthless save a few traps. I'd never want to play as one. You would get blastered in the face 30 times for every one time you could pull off stoning someone to death. I'd love playing against a bunch of ewoks though, sounds like a blast going 178-2. "Xbox, record that"

-Foxtrot789d ago


Don't...don't do that, don't try and down play it because they've came out with another feature they've removed from the game.

It was good fun then and spilt up the game from the other shooting modes/maps. They could have easily given them a better advantage in this one

ccgr790d ago

8 player parties sound fun

odderz790d ago

Han Solo hero that always shoots first please

LavaLampGoo790d ago

Didn't get to play the beta, wish I had. Heard mixed things but to be honest it sounds like most of those are things here being alleviated. Colour me still intrigued.

_-EDMIX-_790d ago (Edited 790d ago )

Was pretty fun, needs some balancing but the game feels amazing!

The MP on Walker Assault

Single player

other impressions

Baka-akaB790d ago

I was quite fun and interesting . Sure there are among other things complaints about the content and lightness of it in previews , but a lot of it is voiced without accounting for the context of the beta and preview build .

I'm guessing that sure , some of the people complaining will still not find the final game got enough of it ... but for the rest it's obvious that there is much more that the few modes displayed in the beta .

Yetter789d ago

Its fun, not sure if I'll still be playing it 2 or 3 months after release though

Halo2ODST2789d ago

The game lacked basic fundamentals -
Can't pick up weapons from a dead enemy
Can't get into vehicles
Don't even have a secondary weapon or grenades - linked in with "Hand" system"
The control scheme is literally empty - the main buttons are heavily underutilized.
No ammo, Heath is is not a constant, it regenerates instantly.
===== Tokens

dmeador789d ago

I think you are using "basic fundamentals" when you meant "things that other games do because other games do them".

If you dont like the approach the devs are taking there are plenty of others out there. I really like the direction.

Halo2ODST2789d ago

Dmeador - you mean the most casual direction possible....

MaximusTKG789d ago


It is Star Wars, a product owned by Disney. Why would they do anything other than go for casual? With the brand being what it is, they have alot of demographics they are trying to hit with this one.

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The story is too old to be commented.