TIME magazine deems PS3 a bust

TIME magazine rounds up the five "phenomena" on the year that captivated the media momentarily before ultimately going bust on the hype. The PS3 shares the not-so spotlight next to Bode Miller, Studio 60, Fox TV's canceled If I Did It program, and Snakes on a Plane as the year's biggest letdowns according to the magazine.

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LegendaryMark4380d ago

The difference between SoaP and the PS3 is that SoaP KNEW it was bad, which is kind of what made it good, in a wierd way. You had to "get it", which a lot of internet people did. Sony really don't know that the PS3 is bad, and it's nigh on impossible for the consumer to "get it", in every sense ;)

Atleast they can improve. Get your act together Sony, there are millions of gamers out there hanging on it.

power_of_ps_III4379d ago

the person who wrote that on Time probaly never even played the console in his life.

videl4380d ago

the thing is the ps3 is far better than the xcrapbox. so ms uses some tricks. but who needs this crapbox ? ps3 is the best console.

calderra4380d ago

Some tricks?
Like having a superior online experience, or having an attach rate 3x higher than its competition? Or was it that 360's games look as good as (or better than) PS3 in most cases?

Dirty, dirty tricks I tell you!

scriptkiddie4380d ago

The PS3 isn't a console it is a blu-ray player. If you want a game console get a 360.

the PS3 was built around blu-ray not games. somehow sonybots are blind to that. or refuse to see it.

Torch4380d ago

enlighten me on your definition of "best"?

I personally own both a Wii and a PS3, but I'm banking heavily (perhaps naively) upon Sony smartening up in the (hopefully) immediate future and putting their money where their mouth is (that damn foot seems to keep getting in the way) and living up to some of their fields-of-gold promises for a change.

To say that I'm not a Microsoft fan is an understatement, but give credit where it's due for God's sake. As it stands this very minute, MS is well out the gate and has hit the ground running HARD (for a number of reasons), and it's currently up to the traditionally-arrogant Sony - not the force driving the existing NINE MILLION 360 consoles - to play catch up and prove otherwise.

Some friendly advice: Don't choose or take sides simply upon the basis of brand name. Doing so would provide little benefit to encouraging future innovation, and limits you to playing the role of nothing more than an unpaid marketing drone strictly for the benefit of the company in question.

Personally, I'm GAMBLING on the PS3 for a number of reasons: Impressive convergence (including the arguable Blu-Ray feature), its potentially monstrously-frightening processing power (albeit something of which is yet to be tapped and proven), and its sexy-as-hell design (unlike the cute-as-a-cancerous-colon X-Box 360.) And I know that I'm in the minority on this, but I honestly find the CN$650 price tag to be quite a bargain, considering everything that's been jammed into in that system, as well as its potential. It was little more than five years ago that I plunked down over $400(!) bucks for my first (crappy) progressive scan JVC DVD player. And in the early 80's, I recall my uncle dishing out over $1,300(!!!) for his first top-loading Hitachi VCR. As far as the 360 is concerned, by the time you build up to the features natively available on the PS3 (biggger hard drive, Wi-Fi, HD-DVD, network connectivity), you're WELL beyond Sony's asking price.

So that's the reasoning for my decision.

If you're limited to gaming and aren't concerned about the extra bells and whistles, then US$600 may indeed be quite excessive for your purposes. In that case, I humbly suggest your ignore both the bickering PS3 and 360 recommend that you look no further than the Nintendo Wii: An INCREDIBLY fun, simple, innovative, and affordable gaming system that absolutely ROCKS!

BoneMagnus4380d ago

You must be some kind of alien or supernatural being. You communicate in an articulate manner, and moreover, you use actual reason in defense of your views.

There is a decided lack of fanboyism in your post and the result is a *gasp* FAIR assessment.

Nicely done - its nice to know that there are reasonable gamers out there.

scriptkiddie4380d ago

"CN$650 price tag to be quite a bargain, considering everything that's been jammed into in that system, as well as its potential."

there is the sonybots with the potential again. Why would you want to pay for potential. What if the potential is never achieved. why not wait till they get to that potential. Like sony says they can sell consoles without any games. they know their fanboys very well.

I have the Potential to win the lottery also.

TheMART4380d ago


Torchy it's nice and all you write, but you forget one thing in all this.

If there are not enough descent games on the PS3 why would you get it?

360 got the most and most exciting exclusives. And the best version of multiplatform games.

The PS2 power would also be greater then the Dreamcast and last gen XBOX. And had to be 'tapped' the real power. Right. We know that one.

Cell looks powerfull, but is one big bottleneck. Even Sony thought the Cell would be more powerfull so they didn't need a seperate GPU and could keep the production costs low.

Then they saw that they needed to suddenly buy a standard GPU solution. Which is a weak one. The spec's are covered up like Nintendo did with the supercharged gamecube/wii.

The Cell is 'raw' power on paper specs, but in reality 360 and PS3 can do about the same. The PS3 even seems to do it less with washed out colours. Look @ COD3 in night scenes... The PS3 version looks bad, damn

uxo224379d ago (Edited 4379d ago )

Nice, here's how I see your comment. And I'll put it in the term that you didn't use so that some people are not confused by what you really meant. Okay, here we go.

"I am a sony fanboy whom really hates microsoft alot. Although I have no true or logical reason to hate them, I just do. Maybe it's because all of my friends do. However, in order to justify my blindly supporting of sony (which was aided by my undying hatred for M$.) I will continue to beat the Blu-Ray horse because it is the only horse the I currently have in the race. But, as things get better, I will become more bolterous and outspoken in this matter. and in ending I will say, for all of you people out there that don't want a PS3, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE buy a Wii, cause it just kills me to hear that another 360 has been sold. I will even buy you some plexi-glass to cover your plasma TV with incase your wii-mote slips out of you hand. Hopefully sony will someday hire me, so that I can actually have some integrity for supporting them so blindly.

Thank you for your time."


T0rchy - I'm glad I could help translate this for you.

Torch4379d ago


Thank you for your interpretation, but tell me: Is that YOUR interpretation, or is it based upon what those mysterious voices are telling you?

I reckon to inform you that, sadly, there is no medication that can help your psychological condition.

You're just nuts.

uxo224379d ago (Edited 4379d ago )

You are so calm, I really admire that in you. How do you ever manage to maintain such an even keel. You are one smooth dude!

Yes, it is definitely my interpretation of your comment. But notice I didn't call you crazy or stupid or anything. I don't have anything against you, I actually think that your style is really clever, and could would easily win over less intelligent readers.

Bottom line, I can see through the BS. That's all I'm saying.

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Ugly American4380d ago

It was a bad launch. That doesn't make it a bad console.

It is a very powerful console. It IS a Ferarri, but if the rules only let you go down a highway at 65 miles per hour, maybe it is better that you use a few tricks to go a little faster.

I dig my 360. And I dig my PS3, but I am looking for some better games for the PS3.

calderra4380d ago

Bad launch? No, it's about the letdowns.

"All launch games will be in 1080p at 60fps."
"We're ready to launch in Spring 06."
"PS3 will support 7 controllers at once."
"PS3 games will be clearly superior."


jedicurt4380d ago

the PS3 does support up to 7 bluetooth controllers at once. just none of the games support that number. don't blame sony on that one because they have no control over how many simultaneous players the developers plan for

jedicurt4380d ago

how do you disagree with that??????????

bluetooth supports 8 devices per bluetooth controller (however, one of those devices is itself) so therefore up to 7 exterior devices can connect, period......

i mean if this weren't true then sony would not of used bluetooth for the remote aswell. yes it can support up to 7 controllers at once. where is there anything here to disagree with?

Giro4380d ago

Perhaps if Sony had been honest about it all from the start then they wouldn't be ridiculed as much as they have been.

Funky Town_TX4380d ago

I wonder how many parents will read this. If I'm a parent that was thinking of buying my kid a PS3 I would think different.

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