‘Altis Life’ Is the Game ‘Grand Theft Auto Online’ Should Have Been

The criminals of 'Altis Life' are all real people, likewise the citizens. Absolutely anything could happen, making it the best game that hardly anyone is playing.

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SaveFerris882d ago

Sounds great. Is it coming to VR?

I remember seeing a kickstarter called Identity using Altis Life, but i'm guessing this isn't the one mentioned in the article?

Timesplitter14882d ago (Edited 882d ago )

Identity got cancelled. Altis Life is a free Arma 3 mod, and an amazing one too.

No way this is coming to VR anytime soon. This game already struggles to stay at 30 fps on my double GTX970 gaming rig. No way it's gonna stay at a stable framerate if it has to render everything twice for VR. Plus, they'd have to redo all the UI to make it suitable for VR.

But yeah I completely agree with this article. Altis Life is something entirely different from most other games, and so much more interesting.

Obamacare882d ago

Yeah Altis life is a blast. I have spent many hours running around farming drugs, and killing fish for money.

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FunkMacNasty882d ago

Am I the only one here who thinks GTA online is a ton of fun?

It def had serious flaws around the first few months it launched, but once they fixed adjusted the mission payouts to a decent amount of money, and fixed the playlist glitches, it's been great fun - especially with friends.

WellyUK882d ago

GTA V in general was kind of a borefest for me it just feels empty to me despite having one of the best open worlds it just feels off.

solar882d ago

agreed, I haven't had this much fun with a game other then City of Heroes and CS and CSS. golf is really fun too!