Epic Games: VR's Next 5 Years To Be 'Chaos', HMD Quality To 'Double' Each Year

VRFocus reports on Epic Games labelling the upcoming 5 years as 'utter churn and chaos' for the virtual reality (VR) industry.

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amiga-man831d ago

These really are the first baby steps for VR, the tech will only improve over the years with the people seeing VR as a fad, in for a rude awakening

die_fiend831d ago

I see it as a fad. The masses didn't tolerate 3D glasses, if you think they'll tolerate strapping a screen to your face, I think you're the one in for a rude awakening.

Gaming with a controller is best, that's why it's done this way and not much has changed in this regard. I don't want to be running around my living room just to collect a few coins in Mario.

Kalebninja831d ago (Edited 831d ago )

@die_fiend lolwut? VR doesn't require you to be standing up or running around. You can sit in a chair and use a controller too. Why are you even comparing this too 3D glasses? it wasn't the glasses that were bad it was the 3d effect that was, it never really went anywhere. VR however is much more advances than that and has a lot of room to grow.

amiga-man831d ago (Edited 831d ago )

kalebninja is correct, comparing VR to 3d shows how little you understand the game changer VR is, the 3d experience simply wasn't good enough to warrant people wearing them to watch a film, VR offers a wow that 3D can only dream of.

There are huge amounts of money being poured into VR for a reason, as I said you are in for a rude awakening as far as VR is concerned die_fiend.

Sm00thop831d ago

@kalebninja, I think VR will not be good for a long time, there's a lot of things to overcome and there's also a lot of safety issues to be addressed. It's like Sony are expecting people to buy their VR which will be out of date in a short time, its definitely not going anywhere on console for a long time. Most people with common sense will wait several years for things to be safe and actually work properly, I won't be risking damaging my eyesight that's for sure.

The Great Melon831d ago (Edited 831d ago )

You probably risk your eyesight more on TVs and computer screens. VR has your eyes focused at their natural state of infinity whereas traditional screens tax your eyes due to the relative closeness of the focal point of your eyes.

Sm00thop831d ago

I wouldn't call anything about VR natural, tons of people complain about motion sickness and eyestrain when using it. I'm not saying it'll never be good because I think it could possibly offer unique experiences, but that's a long way off. TVs and monitors do cause problems also, but people know the risks with them and they don't make people feel like throwing up.

They need to give people some solid information on the safety risks, its a lot of money to drop on something that could cause you problems. It's just what I feel though and I'm not alone on that one. It'll be a long time like I say before everything is ironed out.

The Great Melon831d ago (Edited 831d ago )

You are bringing up a complaint that has two primary origins both of which deal with brain recognizing a disconnect of what you experience compared to all the sensory imputs available to your brain.

Early in VR, much of the motion sickness was due to the inadequacy of the hardware. Your brain does not like to see the world frozen in place while you move your head. Reducing the persistence of the screen and drastically increasing refresh rate has eliminated that issue. This was resolved well over a year ago. So there aren't any eye strain issues anymore.

The other issue is result of not feeling the accelerations you place on your body in VR. This is trickier problem that requires us to get inventive with locomotion if we choose not to do things like vestibular stimulation. However for the seated games and experiences without accelerations or one-to-one experiences where you walk around the room for locomotion there is no disconnect between the brain and body. Hence this why you see Oculus pushing the "seated" experience and Valve emphasizing its room tracking capabilities.

At the current state of VR, safety issues of VR are no different from that of a person getting motion sick from a car. If your brain and body are in agreement, then no motion sickness.

Sm00thop831d ago

You explained that really well, but in my mind I'd like to wait a while longer to see how it all pans out. Don't get me wrong it could be great with the right game design, but I haven't seen anything yet that makes me go wow, I did like the Grand Canyon idea though and this is the sort of thing that I think will work best. People have just got to be patient and wait until its decent, if it flops because were given a mediocre experience it could ruin any chance of it taking off.

The Great Melon831d ago (Edited 831d ago )

Definitely. VR is in its learning phase. The only reason though that it has become viable is because we finally have overcome most of sickness issues. Now that has been resolved it's up to developers to figure out what makes a good VR game/experience.

I worry that the resolution might not be enough, but I am the kind of person who would replace his office with a virtual one. I look forward to the day were the resolution of screen can allow you to read text on a virtual monitor.

Regardless, it is an exciting time. Every announcement Oculus, Valve, and Sony make show an incredible progress in the technology. Only 3 years ago, the Oculus was a LCD ducktaped into a cardboard box that was wowing people at Quakecon even with its primitive hardware at the time. Now we have Microsoft, Sony, Valve, Samsung, HTC, Facebook and many others pursuing VR or AR. Fun times.

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turdburgler1080831d ago

People just look goofy when they are wearing VR goggles. Also I don't like not being able to see what's going on around me. Then there is the nausea aspect. Developers claim they solved that one but I still see articles where people are saying they get sick. Too many things going against it for me to enjoy VR. I'm happy straining my eyeballs with a TV.

The Great Melon831d ago (Edited 831d ago )

Just addressed this above. Nausea comes a few things such as running 50 mph doing 360 no scope. Most people will get sick doing things like that. Shoot some people get sick just watching those kind of things on a screen. Another is doing stuff that doesn't match with what your body is doing. If you are upside down in the game but right side up in reality your brain will raise an objection. Most developers are aware of this and designing everything to avoid these situations. Finally, much of the motion sickness talked about prior to two years ago was largely due to the inadequacy of the hardware. Refer to my reply to Sm00thop above if interested.

someOnecalled831d ago

Iy S funny people are avoiding the common hurdle people keep bringing up. Most people are not gonna want to strap goggles on their face. It's not hard to understand. It's been significantly bigger than 3d glasses. If it was the size of 3d glasses you would have the same much or more willing to try it, but these things are huge. The average American are gonna be like it cool but it looks stupid.

NeoGamer232831d ago


It is best not to buy or adopt VR for the next 5 years until the current VR headsets are stable and not changing so much!

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