Thai Ministry of Health Releases 10 Most "Dangerous" Games List

In what appears to be a response to Thai's recent deadly killing, the country's Ministry of Health has compiled a list of the most "dangerous" video games. Check out the list inside.

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Alexander Roy3755d ago

Say hello to the next witch hunt.

gaffyh3755d ago

Lol @ God of War and Resident Evil 4. They are completely unrealistic games.

Le-mo3755d ago

Wait, no Postal? If you're going to make a list at least do it right.

PoSTedUP3755d ago

i played and beat all of them since i was 10yrs old, i go on a killing spree once a month now : /

Alexander Roy3755d ago

Thank you for your feedback. The Police of Thailand has just dispatched several squads to your current location, in order to protect the national security and health of the people.

Just kidding, but I wouldn't be too shocked if we saw a report of messages like that popping up the next time somebody over there plays one of those "dangerous games".

Salvadore3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

What! 300 is a game?

Timesplitter143755d ago

yeah lol I was wondering too.

If it is, this and God of War have nothing to do on that list

Blink_443755d ago

haha yeah its on PSP, sucks tho.

Panthers3755d ago

RE4? lol. I would think Mortal Kombat would be there. We used to fight and pretend to me MK people when I was a kid. Fun times.

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The story is too old to be commented.