Singapore shop tricks woman into paying $1000 for PSP

Take this following story as a lesson on why you should be an educated shopper and do research before you head into a store. A 41 year old Singaporean woman went shopping for a new PSP at a Lucky Plaza shop. She met a courteous and helpful assistant who directed her to a Black PSP system. There are so many capabilities of the PSP, but he explained that with a "software upgrade," it can do much more, such as surf the Internet and play games for free. Fifteen minutes later, the clerk came back with a massive bill: $3500.

After some haggling, she was able to get the cost down to $2600. Later, her brother informed her that she had essentially been robbed. She went back to the store and demanded a refund -- but she agreed to pay $1000. When complaining to the Consumers Association of Singapore, she was denied any further help because she had already agreed to pay the store.

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sinncross3757d ago

this is so sad... i hope the store refunds her, and that the guy gets fired.. better yet, the bloody death penalty.

Pr3-M3d_G4M3R3757d ago

You have to expect that in developing countries. Especially in countries where it's dog-eat-dog for survival and there are no such things are business ethics as there are in Europe and North America.

omni_atlas3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

Singapore isn't a developing country

I know, because I live in Malaysia, and have been to Singapore many many many times.

nbsmatambo3757d ago

since when is Singapore a developing country?

vdesai3757d ago

The thief cant help it if your not a smart consumer thats what he does, im surprised she didn't get eh psp taken away because it has custome firmware on it.

deeznuts3757d ago

Pr3-M3d_G4M3R, you giving gamers and n4g users a bad name with such a naive statement like that!

Singapore is one of the most developed nations in the world. Granted, it's a city-state, but who's counting?

They will give you some lashes for petty crimes though.

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Faulttt3757d ago

LOL, smart lady, i wouldve done the same thing

nycredude3757d ago

Indeed , Singapore is not a developing country. I don't know so many people still don't know this fact.

However the assumption that this kind of thing happens only in deveping country is complete wrong. Take for instance the mjor electronic chains in the US (bestbuy, circuit city, radioshack, etc.) $150 to $200 for an hdmi cable anyone?

jay23757d ago

Any one stupid enough to pay that kind of money for anything like that shouldn't be allowed to get a refund.

ThanatosDMC3757d ago

Somebody should also slap her while they're at it... stupid! Well, maybe not stupid as ignorant.

kg73103757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

he must not have a d1ck for doing that to a lady

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