Big Download QuakeCon 2008 Hands-on: Wolfenstein RPG (mobile)

Doom RPG changed the sneering hardcore gamer's perception of mobile gaming. Not only were the graphics strikingly similar to the 1993 FPS that forever changed the landscape of gaming, but finally, here was a game crafted specifically for cell phones rather than sloppily ported from its original conception. The turn-based gameplay allowed for casual exploration, all of the classic Doom weapons were present, and earning experience points to upgrade the arsenal gave the game an element of strategy.

With the Doom space marine patiently waiting in the wings until the launch of Doom RPG II, predecessor William "B.J." Blazkowicz made an appearance at QuakeCon 2008 to demonstrate why battling zombies and Nazis in id Mobile's Wolfenstein RPG is just as fun as blasting zombies and demons in Doom.

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