Big Download QuakeCon 2008 Hands-on: Spore Origin (mobile)

Most people might consider Spore, Maxis and EA's upcoming evolutionary simulator, a bit too ambitious for handheld consoles such as the Nintendo DS, let alone mobile phones. Beginning at the bottom of the evolutionary food chain, evolving into new shapes and sizes, starting a civilization and exploring the depths of space are actions that will no doubt require precise control and careful execution in many stages, something not often offered by the cell phone keypads.

Rather than overstep the capabilities of even the most powerful mobile phones by directly porting the game, EA Mobile has crafted Spore Origins, a custom version of Will Wright's anticipated simulator for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod and regular mobile phones. During this year's QuakeCon, Big Download had a chance to take the iPhone and traditional cell phone versions for a spin -- literally, in the iPhone's case.

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