Rumour: Medal of Honor Goes Modern?

Jeux Video is reporting that the next Medal of Honor game will go modern as well, this time going to Afghanistan in 2002! The game will be called Medal of Honor: Operation Anaconda, of course the game will be about... hit the jump for the full details, and a apparent confirmation from EA.

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Johnny Cullen3575d ago

Medal of Honor: Call of Duty 4 Ripoff

Thats pretty much what it could be.

That said, Airbourne was a decent attempt at a original idea for the series.

So hopefully, it should be OK...but its pretty obvious it aint gonna touch Call of Duty 4 really.

Meus Renaissance3575d ago

They would have eventually gone Modern anyway, everyone expected it and wanted it then Infinity Ward delivered this with COD4. Just because the other "WW2" shooter is now going modern doesn't mean its a rip off is it. Besides, who was ripping who off before COD4?...No one? And if the new Medal of Honour was WW2 based everyone would be moaning again.

Guys cant get a break.

Elven63575d ago

It seems odd though, I mean EA has a modern series, its called Battlefield, and they had a historical series which of course was called Medal of Honor.

Activision on the other hand is different, they only have Call of Duty and are sharing past and present/future with it.

Johnny Cullen3575d ago

Oh yeah, I forgot about Battlefield.

Now that you mention, it does seem weird and stupid. We'll probably hear something in Leipzig.

Polluted3575d ago

Call of Duty 1, 2 and 3: Medal of Honor rip offs.

Who cares? Everyone rips everyone else off. Medal of Honor has been needing a kick in the pants. It started off so great, but there hasn't been a really good one in a while. Maybe changing up the timeline is exactly what they needed.

Topshelfcheese3575d ago


I totally agree. Medal of Honor: Underground for the PSX was my favorite. Just hasn't been the same since than.

RememberThe3573575d ago

Now Battlefield is going to be set in WWII.

ChampIDC3575d ago

Yeah, the Medal of Honor glory days died after Allied Assault. It would be nice to see them pull it back with some fresh ideas.

IaMs123575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

Well if Medal of Honor is ripping off CoD 4 then CoD 1,2,3 ripped of Medal of Honor... so there is really no ripping off doing, its good to have a new game but ive always seen Medal of Honor as WWII... if you want i guess so you can say its a counter for CoD: World at War which is another WWII...

Kinda disappointing see its another Middle East game.. i kinda think the Middle East games are boring because well its just desert, well thats what the game ussually portrays all except CoD4 i was really surprised and loved that game
Medal of Honor: Frontline is my favorite one of the series

BiggDaddy3113575d ago

So what is next. We don't have a civil war shooter yet lol? No one seems to like Vietnam games and no one has pulled off the Modern warfare quiet like Infinity did, Battlefield was ok not great, Conflict denied ops oh my was terrible. I will be suprised to see if anyone can come close to what IW especially without that COD4 engine.

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Meus Renaissance3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

So what are the objectives in the game gonna be? Secure 10000 barrels of oil? Protect private contractors? Fight a pointless illegal war? And at the end, if you survive, your reward is "Congratulations, you get to go home!" It's stupid designing a game based on actual scenario's, especially when the world is opposed to such wars - this could very well bomb in sales in Europe and outside the US.

They might aswell release a game where Taliban or Muslim with turbans invade the US and you have to play as them, killing American soldiers. I can just see the excitement that would hit N4G! /sarcasm

Topshelfcheese3575d ago

The Japanese are the only country that will make games about other countries killing them. 1942 anyone?

As too your point on sales, I don't think the Medal of Honor games are doing well in sales anyway these days. I also highly doubt it would be based on the actual war going on now. It will probably be more like CoD4 with the made up story line.

Polluted3575d ago

Lol. Holy crap that would piss people off.

RememberThe3573575d ago

Than why would they goto Afghanistan 2002?

Elven63575d ago

Its going to be based on Operation Anaconda if this is true.

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Official General3575d ago

That was a well-made point. Medal of Honour was actually the first definitive and realistic WW2 first-person, console-based shooter when it came out on the PS1. If anything Call of Duty was probably inspired or influenced by Medal of Honour. I think it's a good idea but it all depends on the storyline and gameplay of this modern Medal of Honour game.

The last great Medal of Honour title was Allied Assault/Frontline, the one that replicates the beginning scene of Saving Private Ryan. That was excellent stuff, havent seen one outstanding since then.

IzKyD13313575d ago

im glad the series is delving away from WWII, now if only the guys at gearbox (brothers in arms devs) would get this message (same with treyarch)

Kassanova073575d ago

What other options do they have? No one buys that WWII crap anymore..It's time for change.

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