OlliOlli2 And Gods Will Be Watching Launch on Amazon Fire TV, Will Be Streamed Today

Devolver Digital and Amazon today have announced that they have released Fire TV versions of the wildly popular OlliOlli 2: Welcome to Olliwood ($14.99) from developer Roll7, and the award-winning Gods Will Be Watching ($9.99) from Deconstructeam. To celebrate the release of these two games on Fire TV devices, the games’ developers Roll7 and Deconstructeam will be livestreaming on Twitch and taking questions from fans.

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derkasan1131d ago

Not a bad title to launch with. I had fun with the original, and I'm sure the sequel is more of the same.

AizenSosuke1131d ago

Pretty good launch title this is cool!

dead_pixels1131d ago

Have you managed to play The Gods Will Be Watching yet? I've heard great things but haven't managed to check it out yet. Our reviewer loved OlliOlli2, though.

vongruetz1131d ago

I wonder when/if PlayStation Now will ever be brought to these set-top boxes. That would really make them interesting.

dead_pixels1131d ago

I've been waiting for that as well. Something tells me we're going to be waiting awhile for that to come to fruition.

vongruetz1131d ago

I was in Target today and saw the Sony blu-ray player for $69 that also has 300 streaming apps and access to PS Now. Maybe I've been thinking about this all wrong. Maybe instead of a Fire TV, I need something more like that. All the same functions, but it can also play disc based movies.