The 12 Worst Star Wars Video Games Ever Made

"Not every Star Wars game is Battlefront. Let's never forget Masters of Teräs Käsi..."

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Stringerbell1007d ago

The Episode 1 game was sooooooooooooo buggy. I remember so many times getting literally stuck in sections of levels, items not popping up, doors not opening - what a mess.

TM3331006d ago

This is true... but somehow I LOVED that game haha! Played it multiple times. PC version looked a good deal better than the PS1 version. I just loved going through the adventure of it all. I miss having Star Wars games that really coincided with the movies like that, although I know many don't feel the same.

Stringerbell1006d ago

I agree - though I feel that Jedi Power Battles did the movie a bit more justice.

Scrivlar1006d ago

I quite enjoyed Obi Wan despite its flaws, I was very young at the time though. And I really enjoyed the force unleashed but the second one was pretty bad, hopefully a third one to finish it off on a bang, with a double lightsaber too!

coolbeans1006d ago (Edited 1006d ago )

I digged Obi Wan too back in the day. I do agree with the writer's criticism of its level design though. Could've opened up things better but 1v1 saber fighting could feel so satisfying. The kinaesthetics of seeing Obi-Wan doing a mid-air lightsaber swing felt great.

Edit: Plus you could fight many of the Jedi Council in that training arena.

1006d ago
barb_wire1006d ago (Edited 1006d ago )

What no 'Star Wars: Rebellion'?

A RTS should've been win-win.. bought it launch day and was absolutely pumped, after all the previews to play it, but it was broken out of the box, tedious and mind numbly boring to play. It took micro-management to a new (insane) level and penalised you if you didn't do all the micro-managing yourself.

In fact, this the only game in which LucasArts actually sent me an incredibly detailed and very long (took me over 90mins to complete) written survey through the mail.. guess they didn't like my responses and criticisms to the game, since I never heard from them again.

It had so much potential and they (IMO) completely blew it and that was a damn shame.

Relientk771006d ago

Star Wars Episode 1 is hilarious, on the Tattoine level you can just go around killing everyone, like GTA. So much fun doing that lol

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