GRID: even better graphics

The modding folks from Race Driver: GRID did some nice job in improving the graphics of the game. More realistic colors, better shadows, better reflections. PCGH has the info and the pics.

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ptmidos3578d ago

In the normal version the reflections look blured and in the moded version they look more detailed.

MNicholas3578d ago

... but it still falls short in a side-by-side comparison with the best looking racers out there.

The in-car view is particularly bad.

MNicholas3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

I've posted a video of what just about everyone agrees is the best racing game graphics out there. If you disagree, please post evidence rather than simply hitting the disagree button. I'd be happy to discover if there's something better looking than this.

GT5: Prologue

Which I'm sure you'd agree is much better than ...

Race Driver: Grid (PC)

or this ...

Rich16313578d ago

It just looks like someone made the colors darker and turned the sharpness up a notch. I wouldn't consider that better graphics, LOL! It is a great looking game though, and the in-seat view is great.

Adamalicious3578d ago

I agree - saturation up, brightness down, sharpness up - Viola!!

i_like_ff73578d ago

Now if they had a higher polygon count i bet it could rival gt5p....

xm15e2s3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

I play games to have fun, not count polygons.

GRID = fun!!

vdesai3578d ago

GT5P = Fun!!! < Thats called an opinion. I should change my name "The Teacher"

aggh im on fire3578d ago

Now if only they can upgrade the physics it might become a great game.

MajorgamerQc3578d ago

Grid graphics are lacking. Where can i donwload the is in german:(