The quick and dirty way to win in Civilization Revolution

Sarcastic Gamer writes:

"Civilization is and was an all time classic game. Maybe in the top five games of all time. Well, now you've got a fancy shmancy version for the PS3 and Xbox 360. The thing about all Civ games is that it's kind of complicated. Civ Rev is dumbed down a bit for console consumption, but the core game is there. That means that a few tips and tricks, carried over from previous Civ games, should be enough, if you find yourself getting your butt kicked in on the Warlord level, or when playing friends online.

I'm gonna show you the quick and dirty secrets to win, including a few strategies and your tech tree path to success, right now..."

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Raoh3721d ago

i cant tell you how addicted i am to this game. they really did a great job or bringing this from the pc/mac world to the console.

although I'm extremely disappointed at the lack of keyboard/mouse support.

especially keyboard even for entering unique names for your cities.

Siesser3721d ago

yeah, I can't stop playing myself, although I haven't ventured online with the game yet. I haven't had any trouble or lost a match yet, but then again, haven't played higher than the second difficulty. Trying to get a feel for all the cultures before I start going at the harder

GameHero3721d ago

Some downloadable content would be nice.

Siesser3721d ago

well, there is downloadable content coming soon; for free for some, depending on where you bought the game. If you go to the website, http://www.civilizationrevo... click on community, features, and scrool down, there's a link to what downlaod you get depending on what store you bought the game from. I'm to get the Best Buy one. These will be available for purchase as well.