Coolest official Rock Band 2 add-on ever?

Techradar reports on Mad Catz unveiling Rock Band instruments including official cymbols and beautiful wooden Fender Strats...
Pictures included

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Kleptic3782d ago

what?...the quality of Mad Catz stuff has been garbage since the SNES, or definitely since the PS1...I'll wait to see how their new junk stands up...

and what the hell kind of name is "Mad Catz" sounds like a company that makes those shatty tail lights people put on their riced out cars...

RevN8r3781d ago

I'd be a whole lot more excited about this stuff if it wasn't Mad Catz. Most of the stuff looks pretty awesome, like the mic with controller functionality built in, or the ultra portable/customizable drum pads, but with it being MC stuff, I'm just not sure I'm ready to shell out a bunch of money day one.