In-Game Ads Finally Done Right: Rainbow Six Vegas 2

In-game advertising has been a hot topic for years, but it wasn't until broadband really took off that the topic was thrust into most gamers' awareness. Streaming technology had been around for years, but with the advent of high-speed services like Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network, would-be advertisers finally had an avenue to reach millions of gamers with their streamed, on-screen ads. And of course, when Microsoft bought the ad-serving company Massive Inc., gamers knew it was just a matter of time before ads exploded onto their shooters and action games.

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dirtrider3779d ago

im a huge rainbow six fan, and there is one in game ad i love-its on rainbow six vegas 1 i cant remember if its on rainbow six vegas 2 and that one is the axe body spray chick on the signs. when i play on red lotus and if im on the bottom level i usually go and check it out before shooting.:)